Traditional. Contemporary. Mesmerising.

Made by hand using traditional techniques, yet with a chic, modern look, Bisazza CEMENTILES are a visual and tactile delight.

Without exception, every single cement tile is created from beginning to end by a Bisazza artisan, one piece at a time. This process creates small variations between each tile that makes every one unique, adding to their charm and elegance. It also ensures that each piece is of far higher quality than any mass-produced equivalent.

The tiles are produced upside-down and the process involves carefully layering two mixtures.

Mixture number one consists of high durability white cement wth marble dust and coloured oxides. This is hand-poured into a pattern mould and determines the design and colour of the Bisazza CEMENTILES.

Onto this layer, a mixture of cement and sand is poured to form the bottom layer. The tile is then locked into its shaped forme until completely dry (tiles are available in square and hexagonal formats).

The final stage is the hand-application of an impregnating water-repellant sealant.

The exceptional qualities of this traditional process have attracted some of the world’s most innovative designers to contribute contemporary patterns to the range, including Paola Navone, Jaime Hayon, India Mahdavi, Tom Dixon, David Rockwell, Carlo Dal Bianco, Fernando and Humberto Campana.

Bisazza CEMENTILES make mesmerising coverings for both residential and commercial interior floors with moderate foot traffic and are also ideal for walls.

A Bisazza Technician Inspects A Cement Tile Mould

Layer Two Is Gently Applied to the Cement Tile

The Cement Tile Assembly Is Inserted Into The Dryer

The finished designer Cement Tiles