Rose Gold – A New Level of Sophistication

To complement the Oro Bis collection of yellow and white gold mosaic, an entirely new Rose Gold option has been created for 2016.

As with the other Oro Bis mosaics, the 24kt gold leaf is hand produced in Florence using a traditional craft method of beating the gold ingot with leather straps.

This gold is then gathered up and encapsulated in fine silica glass, to which a red resin has been added.

The resulting Rose Gold is a brand new twist on gold mosaic, with a warmth and sophistication all of its own.

The new Bisazza Rose Gold mosaic is finished with either a smooth or wavy surface, at a size of 10mm x 10mm.

Rose Gold is available as part of the Bisazza 2016 Collection.

Bisazza Rose Gold Mosaic
Bisazza Perished Rose Gold designed by Studio ob
Bisazza ROSE GOLD is an optional colour in the new PERISHED collection, designed by Studio Job