Luxurious Pavilion and Pool

Subtle Harmonies

Soothing complementary colours and contemporary patterns define this beautiful pool and pavilion.

The distinctive pavilion walls are decorated with BUTTERFLY 8 tiles from the CEMENTILES range. The pattern, designed by Paris-based India Mahdavi, features dusky pink and orange semicircular geometrics, set against a creamy white background.

The blue-green of the luxurious PAOLA mosaic blend covers the entire pool and forms the perfect colour counterpoint to the pavilion. Beautiful SMALTO and LE GEMME mosaics are locked together in PAOLA, rich with detail and streaked with colour and oxides.

A truly exquisite combination.

Interior design by @chriscloutdesign. Photo: @davidchatfield__. Landscape design: @jamesbirrelldesignlab

Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern

Art Deco Restyle

Interior design theme with the MOIRE ROSE mosaic decoration

The New Art Deco

Bringing Art Deco into a contemporary context, Sydney-based designer Greg Natale has created this highly distinctive, luxurious interior, themed with soothing pink and grey hues.

About the design, Greg comments: “I love the clean lines of Art Deco because they are elegant and don’t date.”

A highly personalised design for owners who are particularly fond of the Art Deco style, the pink and grey theme allowed Natale to revive a favourite 80’s era palette, which works in unison with the soft curves of the interior details. “When I was a teenager in the 80s, pink and grey was so hot. That gorgeous pairing made me yearn to become an interior designer,” adds Greg.

The bathroom was central to the design concept, providing the inspiration for the entire house. For this room, Natale covered the walls with his MOIRE ROSE mosaic pattern, a theme he developed for Bisazza’s MODERN collection using sumptuously detailed LE GEMME, SMALTO and VETRICOLOR glass mosaic pieces.

“I love the drama of the bathroom,” comments Natale. “We took so many big design risks there… The result is so surprising and decadent.” “I love pink and I’m using more of it,” he says. “Clients are looking for something softer than black and white. And it’s so on trend.”

VETRICOLOR Mosaic Swimming Pool

A Simple, Elegant Pool

Mount Martha Vetricolor Mosaic Pool

Sublime Style

With impressive peninsula views across Port Phillip Bay, this beautiful landscape project blends the classic architectural forms of a family home with its surrounding natural features.

The Hamptons-style house is harmoniously joined with the garden using warm, earthy colours and natural materials. Continuing the theme of elegant simplicity, the modern, minimalistic pool and spa are covered with just a single VETRICOLOR tile (VTC 20.44). The pale blue-green tiles sit perfectly alongside the natural stone surrounds, each tile absolutely consistent in colour and texture. Perfection.

Landscape Design: COS Design
Pool: Laguna Pools
Photography: Urban Angles

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool
AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pool

This remarkable outdoor pool is beautifully embellished by the AFFRESCO mosaic pattern.

AFFRESCO is a modern floral creation by renowned international architect and designer Paola Navone. She uses delightfully detailed 20mm LE GEMME and SMALTO tiles, contrasted against soft, matt VETRICOLOR.

AFFRESCO consists of four modules, each 1291mm by 1640mm. In AFFRESCO module A, the pattern begins with bright blue flowers on a rich red colour. In modules B, C and D the red tiles and flowers gradually fall away to reveal a simple white backdrop with black squares, forming a beautiful contrast to the intensity of the starting pattern.

Modules A,B,C and D can be juxtaposed in any order to create an enormous range of design possibilities.

Design: @enkipools

The Bunker House Pool Mosaic

The Bunker House Pool

The Sensational Bunker House

Luxurious, minimalist and spectacular. This chic property development on the New South Wales coast features sharp angles, exposed concrete and natural wood flooring.

The crisp, sharp angles of the ultra-modern pool are covered end to end with the light-on-white GHIACCIO mosaic blend, a material perfectly suited to the Bunker House’s clean, modern design concept.

The lightness of GHIACCIO allows maximum reflection of the afternoon sunlight up onto the concrete ceiling, creating a sublime, dappled reflection.

GHIACCIO is blended from two VETRICOLOR tiles: a pure white and a very light grey. VETRICOLOR’s gently textured surface evenly diffuses the light, creating a soft, matt appearance.

The lightness and neutrality of GHIACCIO make it a superb mosaic in lots of different situations, as well as being the perfect choice for the Bunker House.

Design: @futureflip @bunkerhousegerringong

Pink LE GEMME Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Light, Contemporary Bathroom

Pink LE GEMME Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

A Beautiful Blush

This light, contemporary bathroom interior has an alluring warm glow, and more than a touch of pure luxury.

The feature wall is covered with Bisazza LE GEMME pinks; fantastically detailed Avventurina mosaic, full of oxide streaks and swirls of colour.

The interior scheme by Koedam Design truly celebrates this small area by turning it into a luxurious feature room, full of light and warmth.

Bisazza LE GEMME Swimming Pool Mosaic

Curvaceous Freeform Pool and Spa

A Curvaceous Freeform Pool and Spa

The sweeping curves of this free form pool are covered entirely with just a single, light green LE GEMME mosaic tile.

The delightful irregularities produced by the Avventurina mosaic manufacturing process, means that choosing just a single colour from the Bisazza LE GEMME range can create a mesmerisingly detailed finish for a swimming pool. Every tile is unique – full of streaks and swirls of pigments and oxides, with subtle variations in colour and tone.

Designed by Enki Pools to match the grandeur of the adjacent house and blend with the spacious gardens, the luxurious LE GEMME tiles are the perfect choice.

Design: Enki Pools

The dazzling blue and white of the Bisazza CORFU pattern

Pop-Art Pool

CORFU Swimming Pool Mosaic Pattern

Pop-Art Paradise

In a chic Melbourne suburb, this pop-art pool creates a delightful focal point in a simple, Mediterranean style garden.

The dazzling blue and white of the Bisazza CORFU pattern is perfect under the Australian sun, full of colour and contrast. CORFU is created with just two perfect, Bisazza VETRICOLOR tiles: a deep blue and a clean white. With the remainder of the pool tastefully finished in a white mosaic blend, the CORFU pattern can truly shine.

In this simple verdant landscape, CORFU brings a sense of fun and voguish style to the whole garden.

This beautiful landscape project was designed by Carlo Gabriele: @carlogabrielegardens

Sunoo temple with Bisazza Mosaic

Sunoo Temple House

Bisazza mosaic embellishes this sustainable architecture project

Sustainable, spectacular.

A breathtaking example of sustainability and innovative design, the Sunoo Temple House project features a garden flowing over the roof, and an adjacent private temple.

The temple, oval in shape has a spiral internal structure. One million, three hundred thousand Bisazza mosaic tiles embellish the surface. Colours from the ORO BIS, OPERA and LE GEMME Collections create an exuberant, galaxy-inspired pattern.

In this mystical, evocative and somewhat futuristic project, the architecture becomes part of the natural landscape.

Designer Saket Sethi represents the next-gen of architects. Trained in Los Angeles and New York, his studio is setting the narrative for sustainability in design.

Project: Sunoo Temple House, Mumbai
Design: Saket Seth | Saket Sethi Design & Archilogics Design
Photo: Fabien Charuau

Bisazza floral mosaic at a luxury Sochi apartment

Luxury Sochi Apartment

SPRINGROSE Mosaic Decoration in the Sochi Apartment Lounge


This beautiful apartment is located in a premium location on the coast of Sochi.

Barcelona-based designers ARREDO 2001 developed a theme for the apartment’s artist owner, with a rich, theatrical flavour.

The curving feature wall facing the lounge is picked out as a focal point with the vibrant Bisazza SPRINGROSE NERO mosaic pattern.

The adjacent bedroom features the tranquil ENDIMIONE WALL decoration. The mythological figure is rendered using 14 different colours from two luxurious mosaic ranges.

In the bathroom, the timeless, classical, yet subtle luxury of DAMASCO BIANCO covers the walls and floor.

In all, a superb design for a discerning owner, and a truly luxurious summer retreat.

Interior design: ARREDO 2001  @arredo2001