A Natural Choice

A Natural Choice

This beautiful sheltered pool transforms a compact, urban back yard into a usable space and a luxurious retreat.

Surrounded by lush, green trees and rich brown wooden fencing, the DELHI mosaic blend with its natural, earthy hues is the ideal pool mosaic choice. Texturally, the matt tiles complement the wood, stone and arboreal features, while the colour harmonies are exquisite.

DELHI is a blend of two, 20mm VETRICOLOR tiles. VETRICOLOR is known for its saturated colour, created by using oxides that completely fuse with the glass. The matt, sand-blasted texture is achieved by the addition of sand during the colouring phase of manufacturing, which further enhances the richness of the colouring.

Pool: Striking Pools, Melbourne

VETRICOLOR Mosaic Swimming Pool

An Elegantly Simple Pool

Mount Martha Vetricolor Mosaic Pool

An Elegantly Simple Pool

With impressive peninsula views across Port Phillip Bay, this beautiful landscape project blends the classic architectural forms of a family home with its surrounding natural features.

The simple elegance of the house is harmoniously joined with the garden using natural materials with warm, earthy colours.

Continuing the theme of elegant simplicity, the modern, minimalistic pool and spa are covered with just a single VETRICOLOR tile (VTC 20.22). The pale blue tiles sit perfectly alongside the natural stone surrounds, each tile absolutely consistent in colour and texture. Perfection.

Landscape Design: COS Design
Pool: Laguna Pools
Photography: Urban Angles

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool
AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pool

This remarkable outdoor pool is beautifully embellished by the AFFRESCO mosaic pattern.

AFFRESCO is a modern floral creation by renowned international architect and designer Paola Navone. She uses delightfully detailed 20mm LE GEMME and SMALTO tiles, contrasted against soft, matt VETRICOLOR.

AFFRESCO consists of four modules, each 1291mm by 1640mm. In AFFRESCO module A, the pattern begins with bright blue flowers on a rich red colour. In modules B, C and D the red tiles and flowers gradually fall away to reveal a simple white backdrop with black squares, forming a beautiful contrast to the intensity of the starting pattern.

Modules A,B,C and D can be juxtaposed in any order to create an enormous range of design possibilities.

Design: @enkipools

Gold Bisazza Mosaic at the Bulgari Hotel

Bvlgari London Pool and Spa

The Gold Mosaic Bulgari Hotel Spa

Bvlgari London Pool and Spa

As an entirely new-build property, the Bvlgari London was conceived and designed from inception as a luxury hotel.

Noted architect and designer Antonio Citterio was given free rein to create an environment that is representative of the Bvlgari brand and the status of London as one the world’s most dynamic international cities.

Regarded by many as the crowning achievement of the hotel, the award-winning 2000m² Bvlgari Spa is one of the largest and most exclusive spas in central London.

A 25m swimming pool is lined with shimmering green and gold Bisazza mosaic, whilst the ‘vitality pool’ is entirely covered by gold leaf tiles from the ORO BIS range.

The opulent perfection of the pool and spa truly reflect the exclusivity and design heritage of Bvlgari.

The Bunker House Pool Mosaic

The Spectacular Bunker House

The Sensational Bunker House

Luxurious, minimalist and spectacular. This chic property development on the New South Wales coast features sharp angles, exposed concrete and natural wood flooring.

The crisp, sharp angles of the ultra-modern pool are covered end to end with the light-on-white GHIACCIO mosaic blend, a material perfectly suited to the Bunker House’s clean, modern design concept.

The lightness of GHIACCIO allows maximum reflection of the afternoon sunlight up onto the concrete ceiling, creating a sublime, dappled reflection.

GHIACCIO is blended from two VETRICOLOR tiles: a pure white and a very light grey. VETRICOLOR’s gently textured surface evenly diffuses the light, creating a soft, matt appearance.

The lightness and neutrality of GHIACCIO make it a superb mosaic in lots of different situations, as well as being the perfect choice for the Bunker House.

Design: @futureflip @bunkerhousegerringong

Bisazza LE GEMME Swimming Pool Mosaic

A Curvaceous Freeform Pool and Spa

A Curvaceous Freeform Pool and Spa

The sweeping curves of this free form pool are covered entirely with just a single, light green LE GEMME mosaic tile.

The delightful irregularities produced by the Avventurina mosaic manufacturing process, means that choosing just a single colour from the Bisazza LE GEMME range can create a mesmerisingly detailed finish for a swimming pool. Every tile is unique – full of streaks and swirls of pigments and oxides, with subtle variations in colour and tone.

Designed by Enki Pools to match the grandeur of the adjacent house and blend with the spacious gardens, the luxurious LE GEMME tiles are the perfect choice.

Design: Enki Pools

The dazzling blue and white of the Bisazza CORFU pattern

The Pop-Art Pool

CORFU Swimming Pool Mosaic Pattern

Pop-Art Paradise

In a chic Melbourne suburb, this pop-art pool creates a delightful focal point in a simple, Mediterranean style garden.

The dazzling blue and white of the Bisazza CORFU pattern is perfect under the Australian sun, full of colour and contrast. CORFU is created with just two perfect, Bisazza VETRICOLOR tiles: a deep blue and a clean white. With the remainder of the pool tastefully finished in a white mosaic blend, the CORFU pattern can truly shine.

In this simple verdant landscape, CORFU brings a sense of fun and voguish style to the whole garden.

This beautiful landscape project was designed by Carlo Gabriele: @carlogabrielegardens

LE GEMME Pool Mosaic

Luxurious Pool Mosaic

Luxurious Pool Mosaic

Luxurious Pool Mosaic

Highlights of pure gold sparkle like treasure in this magnificent backyard pool.

Rich, turquoise-blue LE GEMME mosaic creates a sumptuously detailed backdrop for the pool interior, making it as inviting as it is luxurious. A sprinkling of textured, gold leaf ORO BIS tiles glitter amongst the blue for a touch of pure decadence.

Bisazza gold mosaic pieces contain 24k gold leaf, hand-beaten by craftsmen using traditional methods, and then encapsulated in pure glass mosaic.

Selecting and combining Bisazza mosaic tiles in this way creates an absolutely unique signature swimming pool.

Luxurious Pool Mosaic

SALICE Mosaic Pool

A Luxurious Mosaic Focal Point

SALICE Mosaic Pool

A luxurious focal point

Within a small courtyard area of 10m x 9.5m, this landscape design incorporates a small plunge pool as well as space for outdoor entertaining.

Inside this restrictive, walled space, the designers opted for a simple, light paving style, with matching neutral colouring for the surrounding wall.

The key feature of the design is the plunge pool, which in contrast to its immediate surroundings is lavishly appointed with a premium Bisazza mosaic blend. The incredible colour and detail of the SALICE mosaic creates an opulent focal point, bringing life and luxury to the courtyard.

Pool and landscape: Elite Pools and Landscapes
Photography by Longshot Images

OSAKA Mosaic Pool

Pool Mosaic With Shifting Hues

Swimming Pool with OSAKA Mosaic Blend

Shifting Hues

When dry, the OSAKA mosaic blend perfectly complements the stonework of the adjacent house. Full of water, the pool has a refreshing turquoise hue.

During the design phase, the pool’s owners made it clear that they wanted a modern pool and surrounding landscape, yet it was essential that the design should feel at home alongside their early 1900s bungalow.

To ensure that the pool and spa could live harmoniously in this setting, the designers opted for an earthy, stone-coloured Bisazza VETRICOLOR blend, picking up some of the colours from the adjacent home.

OSAKA combines two shades of mosaic which gently contrast with one another in a warm, neutral blend with the faintest hint of purple. When the pool is full of water, the mosaic creates a uniquely beautiful turquoise colour.

The adjoining spa is picked out against the pool with a subtle change in style. Selecting the darker of the two colours in the OSAKA blend, the spa is picked out with a single VETRICOLOR tile: 20.66.

With great subtlety and sensitivity, and using carefully selected materials, the designers have created a luxurious, modern pool which coordinates beautifully with the owners’ period property.

Pool design and construction: Elite Pools and Landscapes
Photography: Longshot Images