The swimming pool at the Wolgan Valley luxury resort


The swimming pool at the Wolgan Valley luxury resort

Wolgan Valley Luxury Resort Pool


The exclusive One & Only resort and spa represents the pinnacle of Blue Mountains luxury.

At the centre of the resort, the main swimming pool is formed by sweeping curves of different radiuses in a clever, rippling design.

Perfecting the pool in a uniquely beautiful dusky blue colour is a Bisazza VETRICOLOR mosaic (VTC 20.96). The tastefully understated opaque glass tiles with their light surface texturisation blend faultlessly with the scenic surrounds.

VIEW VTC 20.96

A snake decoration in a swimming pool made with 24k gold Bisazza mosaic


Casa La Huerta Pool Design


Located in the exclusive private estate resort of La Huerta in Careyes (Mexico), this stunning pool features a sinuous snake decorated with glimmering glass and 24kt gold Bisazza mosaic tiles.

The ancient traditions of Mexican craftsmanship are blended with a futuristic approach to design in this unique creation by the renowned Raven Kauffman.

The pool’s snake is inspired by the mystique of the iconic Serpenti jewels by Bulgari. The custom made decoration stretches for over 30 metres alongside the “Casa La Huerta” villa, overlooking the Mexican coast.

Congratulations @casalahuerta_careyes and @ravenkauffman

Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool

California Desert Oasis

Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool
Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool
Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool

California Desert Oasis


Somewhere in the beautiful California desert lies this futuristic, freeform pool with its sweeping curves and brilliant blue water.

Created by Boutique architects Guy Dreier Designs, this is just part of the pool which wraps itself around a luxury mansion, forming a curvaceous desert oasis.

Enhancing the futuristic design theme with its science fiction shapes, the pool is covered from end to end with the Bisazza NUVOLE mosaic blend.

Three shades of opaque, pigment-saturated VETRICOLOR tiles are combined in the NUVOLE blend. The light diffusing textural surface of the tiles ensures even and consistent colouring, whatever the conditions.

The perfection of Bisazza glass mosaic and the California sunshine create a uniquely intense, blue color inside the pool. In all, 25,000 square feet of Bisazza glass mosaic, were skilfully applied by master installers @rocksolidtile.


An architectural pool and spa covered with Bisazza mosaics




With perfection of control over colour, form and texture, this beautiful modern pool and spa are a perfect complement to this superb Melbourne home.

A richly pigmented, light blue Bisazza mosaic injects colour into an otherwise white and neutral landscape. The circular spa is covered with a dark Bisazza LE GEMME tile, mirroring the architectural features of the adjacent house.

Design: @martinfriedricharchitects
Photos: @derek_swalwell


Greg Natale swimming pool design featuring the GROOVE mosaic pattern

Contemporary Art Deco

A Landmark Pool Design


Greg Natale’s Mosman house project merges the classical and contemporary with some unashamed references to Art Deco, creating a rich, layered design.

Outside, Natale contrasts large expanses of pink/oatmeal paving with the busy detail of the Bisazza GROOVE pattern (designed by Natale himself), which decorates both the pool and spa.

Inspired by the organic forms found in reef coral, the GROOVE pattern combines 10mm SMALTO and VETRICOLOR mosaic tiles to create a fascinating contemporary motif that never seems to repeat.

GROOVE completes a stunning pool area that is a landmark design on every level.


Luxurious Pavilion and Pool

Subtle Harmonies

Soothing complementary colours and contemporary patterns define this beautiful pool and pavilion.

The distinctive pavilion walls are decorated with BUTTERFLY 8 tiles from the CEMENTILES range. The pattern, designed by Paris-based India Mahdavi, features dusky pink and orange semicircular geometrics, set against a creamy white background.

The blue-green of the luxurious PAOLA mosaic blend covers the entire pool and forms the perfect colour counterpoint to the pavilion. Beautiful SMALTO and LE GEMME mosaics are locked together in PAOLA, rich with detail and streaked with colour and oxides.

A truly exquisite combination.

Interior design by @chriscloutdesign. Photo: @davidchatfield__. Landscape design: @jamesbirrelldesignlab

AUDREY Mosaic Blend Swimming Pool

Audrey Mosaic Pool

A Splash of Summer


The delicate pastel colouring of the AUDREY mosaic blend is a light, summery and refreshing finishing touch for luxurious pools.

The blend is comprised of only two beautiful mosaic tiles. An artisanal LE GEMME colour, replete with streaks and swirls of pigment and oxides is accompanied by a GLOSS tessera. The magical properties of the petrol-like surface of GLOSS tiles cause gentle shifts in colour and tone with every change of viewpoint.

Perfect for pools, AUDREY is just as magical in bathrooms and other interior settings.

This exceptional pool in Encounter Bay created by Elite Pools and Landscapes and photographed by Longshot Images.

Bali-Style Plunge Pool

A Natural Choice

This beautiful sheltered pool transforms a compact, urban back yard into a usable space and a luxurious retreat.

Surrounded by lush, green trees and rich brown wooden fencing, the DELHI mosaic blend with its natural, earthy hues is the ideal pool mosaic choice. Texturally, the matt tiles complement the wood, stone and arboreal features, while the colour harmonies are exquisite.

DELHI is a blend of two, 20mm VETRICOLOR tiles. VETRICOLOR is known for its saturated colour, created by using oxides that completely fuse with the glass. The matt, sand-blasted texture is achieved by the addition of sand during the colouring phase of manufacturing, which further enhances the richness of the colouring.

Pool: Striking Pools, Melbourne

VETRICOLOR Mosaic Swimming Pool

A Simple, Elegant Pool

Mount Martha Vetricolor Mosaic Pool

Sublime Style

With impressive peninsula views across Port Phillip Bay, this beautiful landscape project blends the classic architectural forms of a family home with its surrounding natural features.

The Hamptons-style house is harmoniously joined with the garden using warm, earthy colours and natural materials. Continuing the theme of elegant simplicity, the modern, minimalistic pool and spa are covered with just a single VETRICOLOR tile (VTC 20.44). The pale blue-green tiles sit perfectly alongside the natural stone surrounds, each tile absolutely consistent in colour and texture. Perfection.

Landscape Design: COS Design
Pool: Laguna Pools
Photography: Urban Angles

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool
AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pool

This remarkable outdoor pool is beautifully embellished by the AFFRESCO mosaic pattern.

AFFRESCO is a modern floral creation by renowned international architect and designer Paola Navone. She uses delightfully detailed 20mm LE GEMME and SMALTO tiles, contrasted against soft, matt VETRICOLOR.

AFFRESCO consists of four modules, each 1291mm by 1640mm. In AFFRESCO module A, the pattern begins with bright blue flowers on a rich red colour. In modules B, C and D the red tiles and flowers gradually fall away to reveal a simple white backdrop with black squares, forming a beautiful contrast to the intensity of the starting pattern.

Modules A,B,C and D can be juxtaposed in any order to create an enormous range of design possibilities.

Design: @enkipools