Designer Marcel Wanders

Interview With Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders

During a visit to Bisazza’s New York Flagship Store, the renowned Dutch designer is asked about the unique way he views and works with mosaic as an architectural medium.

Designer and Architect Alessandro Mendini

Interview With Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini

A rare interview with renowned architect and designer Alessandro Mendini on his relationship with Bisazza mosaic as a creative medium.

A spiral staircase clad in colourful mosaic tiles

Groninger Museum

A spiral staircase clad in colourful mosaic tiles

An Unforgettable Mendini Design

The Groninger Museum’s futuristic and colourful style was instigated by icon of Italian design, Alessandro Mendini, with a brief from the museum’s director to create something ‘extravagant’.

Mendini’s answer was certainly that. Eclectic design themes abound at the Groninger, one room wholly unlike the next, yet all somehow bonded together by the notion of avant-garde aesthetics.

To create the museum, Mendini sought the help of various designers and architects, and it’s this coming together that helps explain the diversity of styles in play.

On the way to the Mendini Rooms, the great spiral staircase is one of the most unforgettable parts of the interior, clad in vibrant Bisazza mosaic – a true Mendini trademark style.

A luxury Maldives resort with Bisazza glass mosaic decorative interior design




Unique, expressive designs created with Bisazza glass mosaics are the hallmark of the Autobahn design for Maldives wellbeing resort – JOALI BEING.

The studio has connected the resort’s philosophy of weightlessness with the identity of the isolated atoll to create a luxurious and immersive interior theme. Intricately designed structures and spaces invite guests on a journey with nature and wellness as the focus.

Throughout the design, repetitive use of organic forms as well as textures and patterns mimic the natural surroundings, evoking the essence of the surrounding Indian Ocean, with mosaics depicting the soothing traces of waves in sand.

Bisazza VETRICOLOR, LE GEMME, SMALTO and CANVAS tiles in green and blue hues all feature in the design.


Toledo Metro Station Bisazza Mosaic


Subway Art


Toledo Metro Station in Naples, Italy, is awash with shades of blue and rippling liquid abstract forms, defined with hundreds of thousands of beautiful Bisazza mosaic tiles.

The soft, sculptural forms, subdued lighting and perfect colouring of the glass mosaic create a profound sensation of being beneath the ocean.

Catalan architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca’s design is a visionary concept which creates a serene ambiance using graduations of hue and tone.

Design: @oscartusquets


Spa Interior Design with Bisazza Mosaic

Hotel Schloss Seefels

Spectacular, Inside and Out


Located in the beautiful region of Corinthia in Austria, the Hotel Schloss Seefels is a castle which overlooks Lake Wörthersee.

The breathtaking view and natural surroundings create an extraordinary atmosphere, especially in the large wellness area; a spa with unique, panoramic architecture decorated entirely with Bisazza mosaics.

The spa walls and columns are embellished with the radiant, over-size flowers of the BOUQUET mosaic pattern, while a series of Bisazza blends – Narciso Oro Giallo, Roberta, King Gold, and a custom Shading blend in gold mosaic – transform the Turkish bath, sauna and other areas of the spa into amazing, refined environments, illuminated by shimmering precious gold mosaic.

The BOUQUET Mosaic Decoration at the W Hotel

W Hotel Philadelphia

Mosaic Decorated Bar at W Hotel Philadelphia

Bold blooms and decorative divergence at the new W PHILADELPHIA

US-based Marriott International Group’s unmissable new W Hotel in Philadelphia is located right in the centre of town on Chestnut Street.

The architectural design and contemporary interior of the tallest skyscraper on the block was recently completed by Designstudio Ltd and NELSON Worldwide.

The 7th floor lounge bar is a tour de force – its focal point, the abundant use of the Bisazza BOUQUET mosaic decoration. The colourful, outsize flowers of the motif bloom across the ceiling and walls of the bar, recreating a fanciful garden that harmonises with the lush green poolside landscape.

More reserved, but no less sophisticated is an exclusive suite which is decorated with the Bisazza DAMASCO OPALE pattern. Made up of elegantly detailed tiles from the LE GEMME and SMALTO ranges, the pattern is the perfect complement to the room’s eclectic mix of decorative fabrics.

The Bisazza Iridescent Mosaic Tiles In Detail

La Seine Musicale

The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale

9 Million Iridescent Tiles

Nine million Bisazza mosaic tiles decorate the dome and foyer of La Seine Musicale auditorium in Paris, designed by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines.

Inspired by the wings of Japanese beetles, the BISAZZA mosaic, produced specifically for the new cultural centre, has an iridescent surface that changes from red to green depending on the angle of the light. Nearly 9 million tiles are spread over a surface area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters.

Located on Seguin Island in the western suburbs of Paris, the striking 4,000 seat, multi-purpose hall is surrounded by an enormous, triangular solar panel ‘sail’ that follows the path of the sun, providing renewable power to the complex.

Bisazza mosaic in the Hotel madame Reve bathrooms

Hôtel Madame Rêve

Hôtel Madame Rêve - the quintessence of Parisian elegance.

In the very heart of Paris, the recent renovation of the historical central post office complex ‘La Poste du Louvre’ into a major commerce centre, has paved the way for a new icon of luxury hospitality, the Hôtel Madame Rêve.

The birth of the hotel has been directed by renowned entrepreneur and hotelier Laurent Taïeb, with the assistance of Bruno Borrione interior design.

Taïeb used a motto of late French designer Andrée Putman, “life must be golden”, to influence the colour scheme for the interiors.

All of the hotel’s bathrooms are entirely decorated with Bisazza custom mosaic blends in shades of pink LE GEMME tiles, embellished with iridescent tiles from the GLOSS selection.
The same palette was selected for the spa and for the spectacular Grand Suite Jardin’s bathroom, decorated with blush-pink roses in full bloom from the MALMAISON floral mosaic pattern; the quintessence of Parisian elegance.

Gold Bisazza Mosaic at the Bulgari Hotel

Bvlgari London Pool and Spa

The Gold Mosaic Bulgari Hotel Spa

Bvlgari London Pool and Spa

As an entirely new-build property, the Bvlgari London was conceived and designed from inception as a luxury hotel.

Noted architect and designer Antonio Citterio was given free rein to create an environment that is representative of the Bvlgari brand and the status of London as one the world’s most dynamic international cities.

Regarded by many as the crowning achievement of the hotel, the award-winning 2000m² Bvlgari Spa is one of the largest and most exclusive spas in central London.

A 25m swimming pool is lined with shimmering green and gold Bisazza mosaic, whilst the ‘vitality pool’ is entirely covered by gold leaf tiles from the ORO BIS range.

The opulent perfection of the pool and spa truly reflect the exclusivity and design heritage of Bvlgari.