New Platino Mosaic: 100% Platinum, 0% Oxidisation

Created especially for use in or around water, there is a new, luxurious alternative to white gold. Bisazza’s new Platino mosaic offers the same exclusivity, but with a total guarantee against oxidisation.

The tiles are composed of 100% platinum – nothing else – which means they can even be trimmed or cut to size and still remain impervious to the effects of water.

The purity of the mosaic’s composition also means that the tiles have a completely uniform colour, for an added touch of perfection.

Platino mosaic is available in the Bisazza BIS version with a small bevel (the ‘wall’ configuration), in 20x20mm and 10x10mm sizes and with a choice of smooth or undulating surface texture.

Platino mosaic tiles are presented with a certificate of authenticity, which validates their composition – 100% platinum – and provides a total guarantee for their use in water.

Platino can be specified as a replacement for Oro Bis Bianco (white gold) in any Bisazza blend, shading blend or decoration, as well as any personalised designs, at no additional cost, for areas where mosaic designs come into contact with water or are completely immersed.

In swimming pools, showers and very humid environments such as saunas, new Bisazza Platino will completely prevent oxidisation.

Platino Mosaic in the Queen's Garden Residence Pool, Hong Kong
Platino Mosaic in the Queen’s Garden Residence Pool, Hong Kong
Bisazza Platino Mosaic Tiles
Bisazza Platino Mosaic Tiles in Both Smooth and Textured Versions