Ceramic Tiles

Developed with the same passion as our glass mosaics, Bisazza ceramic tiles are a visually stunning and highly tactile option for any interior design project.

Conceived by a leading international interior designer, Bisazza ceramics are manufactured to fastidiously high standards, using only the finest white clay. An unusual matt finish accentuates the angular design.

This care and attention to detail produces ceramic tiles which are beautifully crisp and clean, and free of imperfections of any kind.

This perfection in both manufacture and design is clearly evident when you view the Frozen Garden collection.

The Frozen Garden collection of ceramic tiles has been created for Bisazza by the internationally renowned designer, Marcel Wanders.

The collection includes two simple, yet beautiful forms: a diamond and a flower, set within a hexagonal shape. The simplicity of Frozen Garden is also reflected in the colour scheme, available in either crisp black, or clean white.

The ceramic tiles can be freely mixed into daring, asymmetrical designs for a truly mesmerising design.

Marcel wanders says about Frozen Garden ceramic tiles, “It only takes one crystal to grow a Frozen Garden. Plant one with loving care, and watch Frozen Garden unfold before your eyes. Organic and wild, glass and ceramic crystals transform walls into tactile and textured universes.”

Innovative, daring, and completely mesmerising, Frozen Garden’s tactile beauty is guaranteed to transform your interior spaces in an entirely new way.

Enjoy browsing our ceramic tile collection. If you would like to know more, why not get in touch – we will be happy to hear from you.