Priority Announcements

Bisazza Hotmelt System

As part of an ongoing programme of technical innovation, Bisazza have created a revolutionary hotmelt tile sheet system. This system raises adhesion quality beyond the Australian Standards requirement and makes it easier to install Bisazza glass mosaic. The new system also makes the alignment of the tiles unmistakably even and sits on the very back of the mosaic, allowing for deep and uniform penetration of the grout.

  • Hotmelt mounting system
  • Exceeds the latest Australian Standards
  • Easier to install
  • Applies to the entire Bisazza Pools Collection

In addition, the new polyurethane hot melt is UV retardant, so it will never discolour or taint the grout.

The CSIRO Certifications are as follows:

AS ISO 13007.2.2013 Tile adhesion strength.
AS 3958.1.2007 PART 1 Tile adhesive coverage.

Bisazza Hotmelt Tile Sheet

The image clearly shows the clear area at the rear of the mosaic for glue, substantially increasing the adhesion area. In addition, the hotmelt does not protrude up between the mosaic, which allows for deep and even grout coverage.