MARCEL WANDERS – Love and Energy

The New York Times dubbed Marcel Wanders the ‘Lady Gaga of Design’ because he is ‘a constant font of ideas and energy who is nearly impossible to ignore.’ When you look at Marcel’s resumé, it’s easy to see how true that is.

Marcel says he is 100 percent sure that the love and energy given to a project will end up inside it – that the positive intentions can be somehow sensed in the design.

This philosophy must have been with Marcel since the early days when, a few years after graduating cum laude from the Institute of the Arts, Arnhem in 1988, he became an early member of Droog Design. It was here, in Droog’s Amsterdam studio that Marcel created his first iconic piece: Knotted Chair. Combining modern, industrial materials and traditional techniques, a thread constructed of aramid and carbon fibres is knotted into the shape of a chair and then impregnated with epoxy resin and hung in a frame to dry. In recognition of this 90s design milestone, the chair is currently exhibited within the National Art Library at London’s V&A Museum.

A few years later in 2001, Marcel became a co-founder of the successful and sought after furnishings design label Moooi, producing “timeless objects of beauty which posses the uniqueness and character of antiques, combined with the freshness of modern times.” Marcel remains with the brand as art director and an integral part of the design team.

Today, Marcel works as product and interior designer and art director from his Powerhouse studio, with around 50 international design specialists. Together, they have realised more than 1,700 projects for the world’s premium brands including Bisazza, Alessi, Swarovski and many, many more, as well as a number of exclusive commissions by private clients.

The multilayered, sensory experience of interior design has become increasingly important in Marcel’s work, where he has become renowned for projects such as the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel, Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami, Quasar Istanbul Residences – to name but a few – as well as private residences in Amsterdam, Mallorca and Jakarta.

Bisazza Bathroom Mosaic
Marcel Wanders Interior Design for a Private Residence in Amsterdam

It is this passion for expressing his energy in the field of interior design that has led Marcel into so many successful collaborations with Bisazza, the premium Italian mosaic brand. Together, they have created a considerable portfolio of beautiful mosaic designs.

Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel has made it his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” In his designs Marcel often mixes innovative materials and techniques with references to well known historical styles and archetypes, so users can easily connect to the pieces, enjoying them for a long time and in doing so, create sustainable surroundings.

This approach is very apparent in his Bisazza mosaic designs, especially ‘Tree’ which is a bold and contemporary collection, with just a hint of the later work of Henri Matisse. The ‘Bloem’ collection is similarly modern and energetic, yet faintly reminiscent of the textile designs of William Morris.

Bisazza Tree Interior Design Mosaic
The Bisazza ‘Tree’ design by Marcel Wanders

Marcel also enjoys working with Bisazza mosaic as a material which can help his conceptual visions to become beautiful, vibrant reality. This is especially evident in his design of lavish interior features for private clients.

Further cementing their successful creative collaboration, Marcel has also brought his unique, visionary touch to the Wanders collection for Bisazza Bagno, the Italian company’s bathroom furnishings division.

Marcel’s chief concern is bringing the human touch back to design. He defies design dogma, preferring instead to focus on holistic solutions. In Marcel’s universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced instead by the poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment.

Wanders’ works have been celebrated by numerous design awards, he has published many books and is extensively profiled in the global media, appearing in such publications as The New York Times, Domus, The Financial Times and Wallpaper magazine.

You can see more of Marcel’s Bisazza designs in our Decorations in Artistic Technique portfolio, as well as our Decorations portfolio.

Bisazza Bloem Interior Design Mosaic
Bisazza Bloem Marrone design by Marce Wanders
The Wanders Collection for Bisazza Bagno
The Wanders Collection for Bisazza Bagno