Ceramic Floor Tiles

TRAME is a unique and beautifully sophisticated concept for ceramic floor tiles, developed by Bisazza in collaboration with leading international designers.

The ‘ceramic carpet’ project is an inspired piece of design thinking by interior designers Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, which blends traditional and modern techniques.

The TRAME series employs a real cross-fertilisation of manufacturing methods, blending laser cutting with mosaic to texturise the ceramic floor tiles. The end result resembles the warp and weft of carpet threads.

Detailed technical research enabled Bisazza to develop entirely new techniques to create this truly unique flooring concept.

Beginning with Bisazza ACROMI ceramic floor tiles, delicate patterns are laser etched into the surface to produce sublime patterns and textural qualities. Mosaic is also added, to replace the carpet ‘threads.’

All of the designs in the TRAME series are minimalist in nature, lending an exquisite touch to interior flooring.

The TRAME floor tiles collection comes in four variations: Sahara, Stripes, Kirgil and Madras, each with its own signature colours and textures.

The entire TRAME collection seeks to preserve the strong, unpretentious nature of the original Acromi ceramic floor tiles, but adds a delicately beautiful layer, in turn setting off a delightful balance. These elegant flooring designs are ideally suited to contemporary living spaces.

If you would like some information or advice about TRAME flooring, please contact us and we will be very happy to help.

Subtle yet strong, primitive yet chic, Bisazza Trame floor tiles add a deeply alluring quality to any interior design scheme.