A spiral staircase clad in colourful mosaic tiles

An Unforgettable Mendini Design

The Groninger Museum’s futuristic and colourful style was instigated by icon of Italian design, Alessandro Mendini, with a brief from the museum’s director to create something ‘extravagant’.

Mendini’s answer was certainly that. Eclectic design themes abound at the Groninger, one room wholly unlike the next, yet all somehow bonded together by the notion of avant-garde aesthetics.

To create the museum, Mendini sought the help of various designers and architects, and it’s this coming together that helps explain the diversity of styles in play.

On the way to the Mendini Rooms, the great spiral staircase is one of the most unforgettable parts of the interior, clad in vibrant Bisazza mosaic – a true Mendini trademark style.