The Sensational Bunker House

Luxurious, minimalist and spectacular. This chic property development on the New South Wales coast features sharp angles, exposed concrete and natural wood flooring.

The crisp, sharp angles of the ultra-modern pool are covered end to end with the light-on-white GHIACCIO mosaic blend, a material perfectly suited to the Bunker House’s clean, modern design concept.

The lightness of GHIACCIO allows maximum reflection of the afternoon sunlight up onto the concrete ceiling, creating a sublime, dappled reflection.

GHIACCIO is blended from two VETRICOLOR tiles: a pure white and a very light grey. VETRICOLOR’s gently textured surface evenly diffuses the light, creating a soft, matt appearance.

The lightness and neutrality of GHIACCIO make it a superb mosaic in lots of different situations, as well as being the perfect choice for the Bunker House.

Design: @futureflip @bunkerhousegerringong