Interior design theme with the MOIRE ROSE mosaic decoration

The New Art Deco

Bringing Art Deco into a contemporary context, Sydney-based designer Greg Natale has created this highly distinctive, luxurious interior, themed with soothing pink and grey hues.

About the design, Greg comments: “I love the clean lines of Art Deco because they are elegant and don’t date.”

A highly personalised design for owners who are particularly fond of the Art Deco style, the pink and grey theme allowed Natale to revive a favourite 80’s era palette, which works in unison with the soft curves of the interior details. “When I was a teenager in the 80s, pink and grey was so hot. That gorgeous pairing made me yearn to become an interior designer,” adds Greg.

The bathroom was central to the design concept, providing the inspiration for the entire house. For this room, Natale covered the walls with his MOIRE ROSE mosaic pattern, a theme he developed for Bisazza’s MODERN collection using sumptuously detailed LE GEMME, SMALTO and VETRICOLOR glass mosaic pieces.

“I love the drama of the bathroom,” comments Natale. “We took so many big design risks there… The result is so surprising and decadent.” “I love pink and I’m using more of it,” he says. “Clients are looking for something softer than black and white. And it’s so on trend.”