Fondazione Bisazza

Pure theatre

The breathtaking entrance to Fondazione Bisazza is truly a celebration of the luxury mosaic brand.

Conceived as a cultural space dedicated to contemporary design and architecture, the Foundation hosts a Permanent Collection consisting of works and installations by internationally renowned designers, as well as travelling exhibitions.

“If Lewis Carroll’s quintessential Victorian heroine Alice came to life, pressed fast forward and found herself slipping down a twenty-first-century rabbit hole, she’d no doubt feel quite at home if it culminated at the Bisazza Foundation on the outskirts of Vicenza, Italy.” – Ian Phillips

A purely private non-profit initiative, the Foundation is more than anything an expression of the Bisazza family’s artistic passions. The genesis of the Foundation can also be traced back to the appointment of Alessandro Mendini as the firm’s first creative director in 1995.

One of the joys of the Foundation is the sheer diversity of works on display. They come in 2- and 3-D, differ in scale and size, and range stylistically from Pawson and Meier’s minimalistic approach to more expressive creations, such as Jaime Hayon’s Jet Set airplane and Studio Job’s oversized Silverware.

International designer Carlo Dal Bianco envisioned the sweeping curves of the magnificent entrance, clad entirely in the SPRINGROSE NERO mosaic pattern, creating a theatrical contrast to the surrounding buildings.

Dal Bianco’s design represents in so many ways the idea that beautiful design and architecture can have a positive impact on everyday life.