Bisazza mosaic embellishes this sustainable architecture project

Sustainable, spectacular.

A breathtaking example of sustainability and innovative design, the Sunoo Temple House project features a garden flowing over the roof, and an adjacent private temple.

The temple, oval in shape has a spiral internal structure. One million, three hundred thousand Bisazza mosaic tiles embellish the surface. Colours from the ORO BIS, OPERA and LE GEMME Collections create an exuberant, galaxy-inspired pattern.

In this mystical, evocative and somewhat futuristic project, the architecture becomes part of the natural landscape.

Designer Saket Sethi represents the next-gen of architects. Trained in Los Angeles and New York, his studio is setting the narrative for sustainability in design.

Project: Sunoo Temple House, Mumbai
Design: Saket Seth | Saket Sethi Design & Archilogics Design
Photo: Fabien Charuau