CORALLO Mosaic at the Charles Hotel Spa

Purity, tranquillity, elegance

Thanks to a beautiful design by Olga Polizzi, the spa of the Hotel Charles in Munich is the perfect example of refined relaxation.

As the designer of Rocco Forte hotels around the world, Polizzi’s approach to each new project is not to create just one style for all, but to reflect the individual surroundings and characteristics of the establishment.

The Charles Hotel enjoys the calm backdrop of the city’s old botanical garden and exudes artful elegance and tranquillity. This sense is perfectly reflected in the hotel’s spa where Polizzi has used the Bisazza CORALLO mosaic pattern throughout.

With a combination of tiles from the VETRICOLOR and LE GEMME Collections, the pattern CORALLO, designed by Marco Braga, depicts gently waving coral branches created with 10mm mosaic squares.

The pattern also features a generous sprinkling of ORO BIS white gold mosaic, adding a truly exquisite finishing touch.

CORALLO Mosaic at the Charles Hotel Spa