Mendini Bisazza Mosaic Plant Pot

A riot of colour for the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris.

From the creative mind of Alessandro Mendini, this enormous, vibrant plant pot set on a colourful carpet, embellishes an ancient Cedar tree in the garden of the Cartier Foundation.

Mendini spent almost his entire professional life pushing back against pure functionalism. At one time he played a significant role in the Alchimia and Memphis design movements, which were committed to bringing design closer to the world of art.

The huge mosaic-clad flowerpot at the Cartier Foundation emerges from a ‘carpet’ of the same design. With Bisazza OPUS ROMANO mosaic pieces, Mendini created an energetic interplay of geometric forms, defined by bright, vivacious colours. In fact, a masterclass in colour theory.

Mendini said about his work:

I use a lot of decoration because I think decoration is one of the oldest things humanity did — before architecture, before object-making.

The installation at the Cartier Foundation is pure Mendini… a celebration of colour and ornamentation.