AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool
AFFRESCO Mosaic Pattern Swimming Pool

AFFRESCO Mosaic Pool

This remarkable outdoor pool is beautifully embellished by the AFFRESCO mosaic pattern.

AFFRESCO is a modern floral creation by renowned international architect and designer Paola Navone. She uses delightfully detailed 20mm LE GEMME and SMALTO tiles, contrasted against soft, matt VETRICOLOR.

AFFRESCO consists of four modules, each 1291mm by 1640mm. In AFFRESCO module A, the pattern begins with bright blue flowers on a rich red colour. In modules B, C and D the red tiles and flowers gradually fall away to reveal a simple white backdrop with black squares, forming a beautiful contrast to the intensity of the starting pattern.

Modules A,B,C and D can be juxtaposed in any order to create an enormous range of design possibilities.

Design: @enkipools