Retail interior with BUTTERFLY 8 Designer Cement Tiles

A Sweet Retail Interior

Interior designer Birgit Stiletto has used the BUTTERFLY 8 cement tile pattern to create a striking feature wall in her design for Betty’s Candy Factory.

Not just for floors: this bold, dynamic CEMENTILES pattern in cherry, raspberry and orange is the perfect backdrop for the high-quality handcrafted confectionery at Betty’s.

BUTTERFLY 8 is a contemporary creation by Paris-based designer India Mahdavi, renowned as the ‘queen of color.’

The entire Bisazza CEMENTILES range is made by hand, not just to ensure their premium quality, but also to introduce unique, artisanal imperfections into the tiles, adding to their charm and exclusivity.

BUTTERFLY 8 is also part of the exclusive ATLANTIC SELECTION with immediate availability in Australia and New Zealand.