Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

For more than 50 years, Bisazza has been designing and manufacturing the finest bathroom mosaic tiles in the world.

Our passion for mosaic can be clearly seen in the rich colouring and depth of detail that you’ll discover in every one of the millions and millions of tiles we produce every year.

Using the most exquisite raw materials, such as the finest silica and oxides, we are able to bring an unmatched depth and beauty to our bathroom mosaic tiles.

This beauty is expressed throughout all of our mosaic collections: Colours, Blends, Shading Blends, Flora, Modern, Timeless and Luxe decorations, in a sumptuous array of colours, tones, textures and patterns.

Our collections also include gold bathroom mosaic tiles, utilising handmade gold leaf from Florence. Encapsulated in shimmering glass mosaic, our opulent gold and white-gold tiles add a truly special touch to any bathroom interior design project.

Our gold and platinum bathroom mosaic tiles can be used to add beautiful highlights to blends or shading blends. Or if your design calls for pure decadence, complete walls or even your entire bathroom will look stunning, clad entirely in glistening gold.

From modern abstracts to sumptuous florals, pure luxury or timeless classic designs. Our decorations collections feature works by some of the world’s leading interior designers, with plenty of inspiring ideas for bathroom mosaic tiles.

Enjoy browsing our collections, and if you need some help, why not get in touch – we will be happy to pass on our expert advice.

With stunning depth, detail, colour, pattern and texture, Bisazza bathroom mosaic tiles can truly elevate any design project to a completely new level.