The DAL BIANCO Collection

At CERSAIE 2014 in Bologna, Bisazza debuted several innovations, including the BISAZZA CONTEMPORARY CEMENT TILES collection. This brand new line features a contemporary, sophisticated interpretation of traditional cement tiles typically used in the palaces and mansions of nobility and the privileged classes during the second half of the 1800s and early 1900s.

Alongside the Bisazza Design Studio, three world class designers were invited to contribute to this major new collection. One of these is Carlo Dal Bianco, whose creations are defined by a more classic inspiration, with a dash of the contemporary. Dal Bianco has developed twenty six designs in total, each with numerous colour variations, and all incredibly beautiful.

Made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides, the range is available in square (20×20 cm) or hexagonal (20×23 cm) configurations.

See the DAL BIANCO Collection here.