Chinoiserie – A Dream of China

Drawing inspiration from the delicate Messein porcelain of 18th Century Germany, Carlo Dal Bianco has created CHINOISERIE, a romantic and magnificent decoration mosaic collection.

Europe in the 18th Century was infatuated with a dream-like, idealistic concept of the Far East. The original Chinoiserie became a very popular trend which was most famously depicted in decorative porcelain tableware of the period.

Carlo Dal Bianco’s ‘imagined’ China however, is manifested in six, beautiful panels which depict the characters and scenes of an antiquated Asian life.

Exploiting a combination of techniques, the images are created in sumptuous, 10mm x 10mm, 24k gold mosaic tiles, handmade using the famous Bisazza ‘artistic technique.’ These lie resplendent against the digitally created white mosaic background.

Carlo Dal Bianco comments:

I love mosaic. It’s a technique that’s part of me, like drawing, and I use it as an expression of the beautiful things I’d like to surround myself with. It’s an ongoing personal research as an antidote against mediocrity. It’s an extraordinary matter, shiny and full of personality. It’s a little thing which can arouse big emotions.

CHINOISERIE will be available as part of the Bisazza 2016 Collection.

Bisazza CHINOISERIE Decoration Mosaic