Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool
Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool
Bisazza NUVOLE Mosaic Pool

California Desert Oasis


Somewhere in the beautiful California desert lies this futuristic, freeform pool with its sweeping curves and brilliant blue water.

Created by Boutique architects Guy Dreier Designs, this is just part of the pool which wraps itself around a luxury mansion, forming a curvaceous desert oasis.

Enhancing the futuristic design theme with its science fiction shapes, the pool is covered from end to end with the Bisazza NUVOLE mosaic blend.

Three shades of opaque, pigment-saturated VETRICOLOR tiles are combined in the NUVOLE blend. The light diffusing textural surface of the tiles ensures even and consistent colouring, whatever the conditions.

The perfection of Bisazza glass mosaic and the California sunshine create a uniquely intense, blue color inside the pool. In all, 25,000 square feet of Bisazza glass mosaic, were skilfully applied by master installers @rocksolidtile.