For more than half a century, Bisazza have been creating some of the most luxurious swimming pool mosaics in the world.

Conceived by the Bisazza design team in Alte Vicenza, Italy, as well as in close collaboration with leading international designers, all of the pool collections are a feast for the eyes.

Each individual tessera in our swimming pool mosaics collection has mesmerising depth and detail thanks to fastidious attention to detail during design and manufacture.

The Colours and Blends for pools are simply beautiful and completely unrivalled.

Bisazza isn’t so much a mosaic company as a philosophy, endlessly pursuing perfection in design and technical mastery, by combining traditional values and techniques with creativity and state of the art materials to produce the world’s finest swimming pool mosaics.

If you choose a luxurious mosaic design with gold or white-gold pieces, these actually begin life in Florence, using a 200 year old method of beating the gold ingot with leather straps to separate the finest gold leaf.

Apart from their sublime aesthetic charm, Bisazza swimming pool mosaics are incredibly strong once installed. This is thanks to our unique hotmelt sheeting system, which binds the pieces together and allows a larger than normal area for adhesive.

Once you have browsed our collections, you are very welcome to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need.

Owners of Bisazza swimming pool mosaics can enjoy a genuine sense of exclusivity and luxury in an increasingly commoditised world.

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