Bisazza Frozen Garden Platinum Ceramic Tiles

A Luxurious New Dimension for Frozen Garden

Gold and Platinum are the new luxurious finishes for the Frozen Garden relief ceramics collection by Marcel Wanders.

First released in 2014, the Frozen Garden ceramic tile collection caused an immediate stir, as interior designers relished its unusual geometric design and tactile beauty.

Announced at the recent Cersaie event in Bologna, two new luxurious finishes for the collection are now available. Using a technique based on traditional Lustreware, first pioneered in English potteries in the late 18th Century, the ceramic tiles are covered with a metallic glaze.

The gold and platinum coatings add a truly extraordinary new dimension to Frozen Garden. The new metallics can also be paired with black or white ceramic tiles, lending a touch of sophistication and glamour to any wall.

Frozen Garden Platinum and Gold will be available as part of Bisazza's 2016 Collection.


Bisazza Frozen Garden Platinum Ceramic Tiles
Frozen Garden Platinum Ceramic Tiles
Bisazza Gold Frozen Garden Flower
Gold Frozen Garden Flower
Bisazza Gold Frozen Garden Crystal
Gold Frozen Garden Crystal
Bisazza Platinum Frozen Garden Flower
Platinum Frozen Garden Flower
Bisazza Platinum Frozen Garden Crystal
Platinum Frozen Garden Crystal

New Team Member for NSW and ACT

I am pleased to advise you that David Finnie has joined Bisazza as our Business Development Manager for NSW and ACT.

David comes to Bisazza possessing a very diverse and extensive sales and technical skillset, gained during the last 15 years in working both overseas and locally within the tile industry.

Originating from the UK, David began his career with one of the country's largest tile retailers. During his time there, David managed and was involved in the set-up of a number of strategic tile showrooms.

David then progressed on to a large international bathroom/kitchen/tile designer and manufacturer, where he was responsible for all tiling operations, including design, install and presentation of the bathrooms for his architectural customers. David managed a number of flagship showrooms successfully after having set them up in key locations.

Since David's arrival in Sydney six years ago, he has been working within the tile industry as a senior showroom consultant and architectural/retail sales manager, building a significant network of architects and specifiers and concentrating on a variety of high-end installations.

David has a very strong focus on providing exceptional service to all his customers, who will feel confident with his extensive technical knowledge and approachable manner.

Our Queensland BDM, Ms Antonietta Trungadi, who has been your point of contact, will now be commencing the hand-over to David and will be available to support and assist him as needed.

David will now become your point of contact for any matter relating to NSW and ACT and will be in touch with you shortly.

As always, our customer service team will be happy to be of service to you and look forward to receiving your call on 02 9838 9233, or email to [email protected].

David's contact details are, mobile: 0449 990 328 and email: [email protected]

Con Divis,

Customised Mosaic Design for the Sundial

Hours To Sunset: A Stunning Bisazza Customisation

Hours to Sunset is a unique mosaic sundial from the ingenious mind of artist Shaun Tan, created to commemorate the centenary of The University of Western Australia.

Shaun Tan grew up in Perth, graduating from The University of Western Australia in 1995 with joint honours in Fine Arts and English Literature. He currently works full-time as a freelance artist and author in Melbourne. That’s where Susan Marie, Director of UWA Extension tracked him down with an irresistible opportunity to create a large-scale, west-facing sundial for a prominent wall within the University Campus.

By collaborating with Dr Peter Kovesi (an engineer at UWA’s Centre for Exploration Targeting) who provided the mathematical calculations, Shaun designed a sundial that measures the hours relative to the time of sunset, a system that was widely used in Europe during the middle ages. In Shaun’s spectacular artwork, the sun is shown as an all-seeing bird, with luminous representations of the sky and heavenly bodies, inspired by the medieval Book of Hours.

Shaun Tan Presents His Design
Shaun Tan Presents His Sundial Design

Shaun’s beautifully detailed artwork however, was presented on an A2 size piece of artist’s paper. Somehow it would have to make a colossal leap in scale and medium to become a 4.5m x 8m mosaic installation.

Only one company in Australia – Bisazza - had the aesthetic vision, the range and quality of mosaic, the technology and the craftspeople to enable the final mosaic piece to become a beautiful reality in line with Shaun’s vision.

Carefully scanning Shaun’s original artwork, the Bisazza creative team first produced a pixellated ‘map.’ Using this map as a basis, Shaun and the Bisazza team individually selected differently coloured and textured tesserae from Bisazza’s premium Venetian glass mosaic collections to bring the various parts of the image to life.

Eventually, and with precise mathematical accuracy, Bisazza formed these selections into 375 sheets containing 900 individual tesserae, which combined, amounts to 337,500 individual tiles. Quite a feat!

The Courtyard Golden Egg
The Courtyard Golden Egg

Iain Middleton, a master installer with V-vo Architectural Mosaics in Perth, along with his team of craftsmen, was commissioned to install the mosaic itself and the surrounding courtyard, also designed by Shaun Tan, which features a giant golden egg that is rendered entirely in 10mm x 10 mm Bisazza mosaic.

The task facing Iain and his team was immense – putting together an image delivered in square sheets, using a technique that makes all the seams invisible, bringing out the true character of this type of glass, its brightness, colour and shape and showing the true, organic nature of the artist’s original work. To help with this, Iain selected a special Bisazza translucent epoxy grout (Fillgel), infused with millions of tiny Swarovski crystals, which has the effect of reflecting the adjacent tile colouring.

An impressive 560 man-hours, spread across 27 days saw the customised mosaic installation finally complete.

As customisations go, the project for UWA produced some impressive statistics:

  • Tessera: 10x10x4mm with a grout gap of 0.775 mm
  • Weight of 900 tessera per sheet, across 375 sheets: 266.625 kg
  • Total of 337,500 tessera.
  • Backing and mounting: 425 kg
  • Grout: 54 kg.
  • Total weight added to wall: 745 kg.
  • Total Dimensions: 4.56×8.0 m.

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Enjoy this time lapse movie of the customised mosaic installation:


The Completed Customised Mosaic Sundial
The Completed Customised Mosaic Sundial

Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon - Urban Genius

Born in Madrid in 1974, Jaime Hayon developed an early fascination with graffiti and skateboard culture - an influence that reverberates through his work even today.

At the forefront of a new wave that blurred the lines between art, decoration and design and a renaissance in finely crafted, intricate objects, Jaime opened the doors to the now famous Hayon Studio in 2000. This allowed him to push the boundaries of many mediums and functions, resulting in collections for very diverse clients. His concern for the conservation of craft skills has joined his path with high-end traditional companies concerned with the evolution of their work, such as Bisazza.

His influence and variety has received important International awards such as Elle Deco International Award 2006, Elle Deco Germany: 'Best International Designer' 2008, 'BEST DESIGNER' for ELLE DECO JAPAN in 2008, AD RUSSIA 'DESIGNER OF THE YEAR' 2009, MAISON OBJET DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2010.

Over the course of his flourishing career, he has developed influential designs for Moooi furniture, Swarovski lighting fixtures, the Faberge Salon in Geneva, the Info Centre of the Groninger Museum and even installed a giant chess board in Trafalgar Square.

Most recently, Jaime has added to his ‘Bisazza Portfolio’ by creating a stunning collection of Contemporary Cement Tiles that are pure Hayon, through-and-through.

Jaime is currently working on interiors for leading hotels, restaurants and retail establishments around the world. With offices in Italy, Spain and Japan, Hayon’s main interest is to find challenges and new perspectives continuously.

COLUMNS GREEN by Jaime Hayon
COLUMNS GREEN - a design by Jaime Hayon for Bisazza's Decorations Collection
Semillas Menta, from the HAYON Collection for Bisazza's Contemporary Cement Tiles range

Unequalled Luxury From Bisazza

For more than half a century, a passion for creating beautiful mosaic has resulted in Bisazza's involvement with some of the most prestigious and luxurious swimming pools in the world. Famous actors, musicians and corporate magnates have all been customers of the famous Italian brand, as have premier resorts and hotels.

Conceived by the design team in Alte Vicenza, Italy, and manufactured with fastidious attention to detail, each individual Bisazza mosaic piece has mesmerising depth and detail. Multiply that experience by the thousands of tesserae required for an entire swimming pool and you begin to understand why every Bisazza installation is an absolute feast for the eyes

Unique to Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Pools Collection presents 35 specially selected designs, with mosaic in a range of colours and textures perfectly suited to our extraordinary southern hemisphere sunlight.

A Passion for Perfection

It's no secret that the Australian climate can present challenges for pool builders. For the first time, Bisazza has developed an innovative hotmelt support system for tile sheets, which ensures that adhesion exceeds the requirements of the latest Australian standards. The new system has been subjected to the most rigorous pull-off test ever conducted by the CSIRO and all Bisazza products have passed with flying colours.

Alongside this, the company also produces its own superior quality adhesive and a range of beautifully coloured grouts, known as Fillgel. This sets Bisazza apart as the only mosaic company able to offer a complete solution and ensure that customers can enjoy their investment, trouble free, for a long, long time.

It’s this passion, enthusiasm and obsessive attention to detail that has made Bisazza an iconic brand all over the world, and why the famous Italian company genuinely deserves its continued reputation as the unequalled luxury brand in pool mosaics.

See the Australian Pools Collection here.

Bisazza Gladiolo Mosaic

Le Gemme GM20.50


The NAVONE Collection

An eclectic and highly contemporary vision defines the collections designed by Paola Navone for the BISAZZA CONTEMPORARY CEMENT TILES line.

For the first time, decorative cement tiles take on a completely modern look, thanks to the unique pairing of hexagonal and square geometric shapes. The imperfect and stylized result, imbues each and every tile with bold personality.

These playfully decorative motifs are available in a wide range of colors; "meeting" freely, they create unique patterns, similar to rugs, bringing a novel look to almost any surface. The graceful irregularity of the designs lends an element of surprise to the collection, marking a significant turning point in interior decor.

The NAVONE collection is the product of a convergence between the creative minds at Bisazza and Paola's colourful, eclectic and spontaneous way of thinking.

Paola describes her collection as:

"Shapes that are vaguely pop. Giant asterisks. Uneven, slanted octagons. Un-square squares. Rectangles that are not quite rectangular. Odd shapes carve whimsical, stylized flowers in hexagons. Because even imperfections have their own special kind of beauty. Decorative motifs to be freely mixed and matched. Forming a free-spirited parquet. A rug inspired by ancient folk traditions. A unique patchwork that could be mistaken for a quirky '50s experimental design. Making each floor uncommonly individual. An invitation that dares you to try different shapes and compositions, mixing patterns and colors from the new Bisazza cement tiles collections."

Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles are made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides, the range is available in square (20x20 cm) or hexagonal (20x23 cm) configurations.

See the NAVONE Collection here.

The DAL BIANCO Collection

At CERSAIE 2014 in Bologna, Bisazza debuted several innovations, including the BISAZZA CONTEMPORARY CEMENT TILES collection. This brand new line features a contemporary, sophisticated interpretation of traditional cement tiles typically used in the palaces and mansions of nobility and the privileged classes during the second half of the 1800s and early 1900s.

Alongside the Bisazza Design Studio, three world class designers were invited to contribute to this major new collection. One of these is Carlo Dal Bianco, whose creations are defined by a more classic inspiration, with a dash of the contemporary. Dal Bianco has developed twenty six designs in total, each with numerous colour variations, and all incredibly beautiful.

Made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides, the range is available in square (20x20 cm) or hexagonal (20x23 cm) configurations.

See the DAL BIANCO Collection here.

Semillas Girasol D

The HAYON Collection

Following the announcement of an entire new range of Contemporary Cement Tiles for 2015, Bisazza have now revealed that alongside the Bisazza Design Studio, three major international designers have contributed collections. One of these is Jaime Hayon.

The Spanish designer, with his fun-loving artistic language, has created very striking graphic designs, icons of the modern and slightly “pop” style that has become his signature.

The distinguishing element of the HAYON collection is the countless number of combinations possible that, depending on how the tiles are aligned, gives rise to a vast range of textures. Innovative material surfaces made up of unexpected geometric figures that, repeating to infinity, convey a sense of movement and create continuity between spaces.

The HAYON collection consists of five key designs: COMPAS, LUNAS, PLISADOS, SEMILLAS, AND PERLAS, each with numerous colour and configuration possibilities.

The tiles are made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. Square (20x20 cm) or hexagonal in shape (20x23 cm).

See the HAYON Collection here.

The Bisazza App

Get Creative With The Bisazza App

An amazing visualisation tool, the Bisazza App for tablets can help you bring your ideas to life with vivid renderings in any Bisazza collection.

It's often hard to envision exactly what a design will look like in-situ. Looking at images in a catalogue or viewing mosaic samples can help, but sometimes the imagination needs a little help.

The Bisazza App enables you to select any mosaic or ceramic collection from the current range, choose the specific colour and format, and then apply your choices to a wide variety of application environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and pools. If you're a designer, you can share the rendered image with your client, showing them precisely what they can expect from a beautiful Bisazza scheme.

In addition, the App will help you to plan your project so you will be able to produce accurate specifications and costings.

The newest version includes the Trame Ceramic Flooring collection by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, as well as the 10mm x 10mm mosaic. It also includes the ability to create your own blends and mixes from any Bisazza mosaic collection.

Decorate and personalize any living environment in perfect Bisazza style and download the free App:

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Bisazza App Environment Configuration
Environment Configuration
Bisazza App Mixture Configuration
Mixture Design
Bisazza App Blend Configuration
Blend Configuration


An Amazing 5-Minute Video Tour of the Bisazza Stand at CERSAIE 2014

Thank you to Carlo Dal Bianco, who shot this fantastic video of the Bisazza stand at CERSAIE, now available at our Facebook page. Enjoy...

See it at Bisazza Australia's Facebook Page