The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale

9 Million Iridescent Tiles

Nine million Bisazza mosaic tiles decorate the dome and foyer of La Seine Musicale auditorium recently opened in Paris, designed by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines.

Inspired by the wings of Japanese beetles, the BISAZZA mosaic, produced specifically for the new cultural centre, has an iridescent surface that changes from red to green depending on the angle of the light. Nearly 9 million tiles are spread over a surface area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters.

Located on Seguin Island in the western suburbs of Paris, the striking 4,000 seat, multi-purpose hall is surrounded by an enormous, triangular solar panel ‘sail’ that follows the path of the sun, providing renewable power to the complex.


The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale
The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale. Photo: Vincent Fournier


The Bisazza Iridescent Mosaic Tiles In Detail
The Bisazza Iridescent Mosaic Tiles In Detail. Photo: Vincent Fournier


La Seine Musicale Entrance
La Seine Musicale Entrance. Photo: Vincent Fournier


The Dome of La Seine Musicale
The Dome of La Seine Musicale. Photo: Vincent Fournier


SYDNEY: A Deeper Blend

A departure from traditional, light-coloured pool mosaic, Sydney’s deeper hues impart a real aura of exclusivity.

Four mosaic tile colours from three Bisazza ranges together create a mesmerising concoction of pattern, texture and colour.

A truly beautiful pool mosaic, Sydney conveys a strong sense of depth and volume with its pulsating dark blues taken from the Vetricolor (VTC 20.59, VTC 20.64), Smalto (SM 06) and LeGemme (GM 20.59) ranges, and is ideally complemented by Fillgel Plus blu cobalto grout.

See more of SYDNEY.

Sydney - A Bisazza Pool Mosaic

Sydney Mosaic Blend

Bisazza Arzigogolo Mosaic Pattern

ARZIGOGOLO: Post-Deco Elegance

Post-Deco design is the energy behind the elegant, loops and swashes of the Arzigogolo mosaic.

Designer Ferruccio Laviani describes his Arzigogolo graphic pattern as archetypal of the design of the 30s and 40s, drawing inspiration from the works of iconic designers from the period, André Arbus and Gio Ponti.

Arzigogolo Grigio (pictured) contrasts the warm/neutral grey of Bisazza VTC 10.56 with the white-gold mosaic ORO B 10.4, producing a simple yet highly refined pattern. The design is also available with dark loops on a white background – Arzigogolo Bianco, which contrasts white and grey Smalto tiles SM 10.90 and SM 10.35.

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Arzigogolo mosaic pattern
Arzigogolo Grigio
Arzigogolo Bianco

New Malachite Green Mosaic, designed by Greg Natale

GREG NATALE: The beauty in irregularity

Recognised for his aesthetic with symmetry and bold geometrics, Australian designer Greg Natale believes that when working with patterns, organics and geometrics should sit side-by-side to have optimal effect.

In his first collection for Bisazza, he wanted to explore how motifs that are so wild, uneven and random could be reinterpreted, attractively, within a medium as linear and unvarying as sheeted mosaic square tiles.

Natale explains:

I am really interested in the composition of things and looking at how the many parts of something are extended, repeated and layered to create an overall effect. The collection looks at pattern in this way. Rather than being bordered and regular this mass of small square tiles becomes an unending, looping, limitless decorative texture.

The result is a collection of four decorative patterns, each one offered in a variety of colourways. Suitable for use as flooring and walls.

The malachite stone is a much loved crystalline structure than in section gives us vivid, radiating swirls of green. In New Malachite I played with the colour and we now offer a soft, rose and dusty pink hued alternative as well as a calm and soothing greyscale version.

Fragment can evoke images of dry cracked earth, ice flow and smashed glass depending on its colours, but the beauty of it is in its simplicity and scale.

Groove takes its cues from nature also, the brain coral of the Great Barrier Reef was the starting point for this undulating graphic. In nature, these lines are wrinkly and three dimensional. By flattening them out and they take a new graphic character that leads the eye and holds your interest.

I love Moire as it is so alluring because it’s intangible and short-lived. It changes and shifts before your eyes. By taking a snapshot impression of the moire effect and reimagining it with mosaic tiles what is usually transient and ephemeral now becomes permanent and solid and beautiful.

New Malachite Green Mosaic, designed by Greg Natale
New Malachite Green
Fragment Gold Mosaic designed by Greg Natale
Fragment Gold
Moire Black Mosaic designed by Greg Natale
Moire Black
Groove Rose designed by Greg Natale
Groove Rose

Bisazza WOOD, Floral Spicy designed by Kiki van Eijk

The New WOOD Collection - Parquet Reimagined

The new WOOD collection is a spectacular oak parquet floor, available in five sizes, ten contemporary colours and a collection of chic designer patterns.

Enhanced further with laser etching, the WOOD collection includes some beautiful detailing which elevates it far above standard parquet flooring.

The tiles are available in square and hexagonal formats, and consist of a 4mm top layer of Oak, fused to an 11mm base layer of birch. The flooring is pre-finished, with a high resistance to UV, and thanks to stringent production standards, has passed the most exacting tests for delimitation. It can even be laid on floors with radiant heating.

The size, shape and thickness of the WOOD collection perfectly matches Bisazza Cementiles, opening up all kinds of creative possibilities by combining the two.

The range has launched with a collection of evocatively named contemporary colours including Sugar, Cherry, Denim, Mint and many more. In addition, a wide range of patterns is available, thanks to contributions by leading international designers such as Studio Job and Kiki Van Eijk.

See the entire WOOD Collection here.

Bisazza WOOD, Gingham Blue, designed by Studio Job
Bisazza WOOD, Gingham Blue, designed by Studio Job
Bisazza WOOD, Astrakhan 8 Master, designed by Edward van Vliet
Bisazza WOOD, Astrakhan 8 Master, designed by Edward van Vliet
Bisazza WOOD, Central Play, designed by Kiki van Eijk
Bisazza WOOD, Central Play, designed by Kiki van Eijk
Bisazza WOOD, Prometeo Iota, designed by Bisazza Design Studio
Bisazza WOOD, Prometeo Iota, designed by Bisazza Design Studio


CEMENTILES - a brand new collection featuring a sophisticated, contemporary interpretation of traditional cement tiles

From modern geometric designs to classic motifs, the new decorative tiles from Bisazza bring breathtaking new possibilities to interior design.

Traditionally, cement tiles were a popular feature of the palaces and mansions of nobility and the privileged classes during the second half of the 1800s and early 1900s.

Entirely re-invented in a modern context, the collection is designed to celebrate the decorative style of the past through expressive artistic language that reveals the creative genius of each of the project designers: Tom Dixon, Jaime Hayon, India Mahdavi, Paola Navone, Carlo Dal Bianco, and the Bisazza Design Studio. More recently, the Campana Brothers have also added their name to this exclusive list.

Made entirely by hand and available in two formats - 20x20cm squares or 20x23cm hexagons - each tile is a unique creation. This detailed and highly skilled craftsmanship adds allure and personality to the collection, which features a rich palette of colours and a sumptuous wealth of contemporary and classic graphic motifs.

The result is a bold, modern and highly expressive new medium for interior design.

See the entire CEMENTILES Collection here.

Vent Grey CEMENTILES designed by Tom Dixon
Vent Grey CEMENTILES, designed by Tom Dixon
Lunas Bilbao CEMENTILES designed by Jaime Hayon
Lunas Bilbao CEMENTILES, designed by Jaime Hayon
Pill Cocktail 21 CEMENTILES designed by India Madhavi
Pill Cocktail 21 CEMENTILES, designed by India Madhavi

Elements of Byron Resort featuring Bisazza mosaic


The Elements of Byron Resort, featuring Bisazza mosaic throughout the eclectic design theme, has won the 2016 SBID International Design Awards in the Hotel Design category.

SBID International Design Awards 2016The Society of British International Design (SBID) is the professional accrediting organisation for the interior design industry in the UK. The organisation is part of a global network of 50,000 designers who are professionally accredited. The interior brief demanded a world-class, 5-star resort for international visitors seeking authentic an Australian beach experience.

The Brisbane-based designers, Coop Creative, are extremely worthy winners of this prestigious award.

You can learn more about the award at:

A mosaic feature from the Elements of Byron Resort

Bisazza ALBERT yellow mosaic by Ferruccio Laviani

2017 Preview: ALBERT by Ferruccio Laviani

Bisazza’s first partnership with designer Ferruccio Laviani has produced some astonishing contemporary mosaic collections.

ALBERT (pictured) along with GEORGE, WILLIAM and PHILIP are beautifully rendered, timeless designs inspired by Scottish tartan, which represent the warp and weft of woven fabric.

“The weave of a fabric is much like the grid of a mosaic, which is why I used it as the basis for what would become the collection. I broke up the structural lines of the design and reinterpreted them with mosaic tiles in order to create a textured pattern that would maintain the same vibe as the material itself…” Ferruccio Laviani.

ALBERT and Laviani’s other designs will be available in the Bisazza 2017 Collection.

All the new Collections will be on display soon at the Bisazza Australia website.

FLOW lagoon a Bisazza pool mosaic

FLOW: outer beauty, inner strength

Combining harmonious shades from the FLOW collection, FLOW Blends are beautiful yet highly resilient mosaic patterns, making them a superb choice for pools.

The highly tactile, textural surface allows the light to gently ripple across the design, whilst also contributing to the mosaic’s excellent anti-slip properties.

Additionally, FLOW has been proven to be resistant to thermal shock, frost, colour fade, chemicals and staining.

Durable yet alluring, FLOW is available in eight different blend variations with a tile size of 20mm x 20mm. Pictured is Lagoon with Grigio Azzurro Fillgel grout.

You can see more images of FLOW Blends here.

Bisazza Australia

New Team Member for NSW and ACT

I am pleased to advise you that Mario Giarratano has joined Bisazza Australia as our Business Development Manager for NSW & ACT.

Mario comes to Bisazza with over a decade of industry experience having previously run and managed multiple retail tile showrooms and also brings a wealth of experience in the wholesale and architectural specifications channels.

He is extremely approachable and looks forward to adding value to your business by providing exceptional service combined with integrity and professionalism.

Mario will be in contact with you shortly, however should you have an immediate inquiry or matter that you wish to discuss, please contact him directly.

As always, our customer service team will be happy to be of service to you and look forward to receiving your call on 02 9838 9233, or email to [email protected].

Mario's contact details are, mobile: 0499 990 328 and
email: [email protected]

Con Divis,