Art House design featuring Frozen Garden

This luxurious Art House ensuite shower contrasts the simple relief forms of FROZEN GARDEN ceramics with beautifully detailed mosaic.

Intended to produce a dark and masculine feel for this unique residence, the ensuite space has become a focal feature of the overall design. The relief forms of Bisazza FROZEN GARDEN white ceramic tiles are cleverly accentuated by dramatic lighting.

The project's multi-award-winning designer Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace, wanted to create an amazing entrance experience and chose dimmable rebated spotlights to show off the beautiful three-dimensional pattern.

On the opposing walls, the design features a multi-coloured mix of Bisazza mosaic of varying sizes, the colouring of the tesserae creating a seductive warmth. The tiles themselves were selected from the LE GEMME range for their luxurious richness of detail.

Mark comments:

"The Master Ensuite of the Art House is a unique and glamorous luxury experience that will stand the test of time. It was created by mixing stone, glamorous and exotic tile and wall finishes, uniquely responsive shapes, quality fixtures and fittings, unique lighting and creative design."


Frozen Garden Ceramics and LeGemme Mosaic

LeGemme Mosaic at the Art- House

The Bisazza DELHI mosaic blend on a beautiful Australian backyard pool


The Bisazza DELHI mosaic blend on a beautiful Australian backyard pool

Carefully selected Bisazza mosaic creates harmonious perfection for this Melbourne garden landscape concept.

The Bisazza DELHI mosaic blend suffuses itself into the contemporary concrete surroundings, contrasted with vibrant trees and shrubs. A sublime combination of deep emerald green and warm grey VETRICOLOR tesserae, form a relaxing, natural rapport.

The project, conceived by Nathan Burkett Design and installed by Neptune Pools, has created a truly calm and beautiful space in an inner city suburb.

DELHI is a Bisazza VETRICOLOR blend (VTC 20.65 and VTC 20.86).

Butterfly 8 Bisazza Cementiles


A humble bathroom in a Melbourne terraced house has been utterly transformed by local architects Winwood McKenzie as part of a whole-house renovation concept.

The room was conceived as a work of art in itself. The feature floor is from the Bisazza CEMENTILES Collection - a design by India Mahdavi renowned as the 'queen of colour.' Mahdavi's BUTTERFLY 8 design is the perfect complement to the curving shapes and calming colours throughout the room. Asked about her love of colour, Mahdavi comments, "It’s the best way to bring sunshine into a space."

Architect Thomas McKenzie says about the design, "The new spaces possess a strong personality and sense of individuality. The density of ideas creates an architecture that is layered, referential and detailed in conception and realisation. The engaging peacefulness of the house is enriched yet remains undisturbed."

The renovation is a perfect demonstration of how one simple bathroom can become so much more with beautiful design.

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Butterfly 8 Bisazza Cementiles in Winwood McKenzie's Melbourne House Interior

Part of the new Cementiles Atlantic Collection


Part of the new Cementiles Atlantic Collection

Due to incredibly high demand for Bisazza CEMENTILES, a reserved consignment of designer tiles, specifically selected and produced for Australia, will be available from June this year.

The Special Australian assortment named "ATLANTIC COLLECTION", will include carefully selected patterns from all of Bisazza's collaborative designers, including the very latest contributions from the Campana Brothers and American architect and designer David Rockwell.

Whilst every design in the CEMENTILES Collection will always be available, this special selection will be on hand for our discerning customers in Australia and New Zealand with a fast delivery time assured by Bisazza's Sydney warehouse.

Visit the CEMENTILES page at bisazza-australia.com.au and click 'ATLANTIC COLLECTION' to see this exclusive portfolio.

The CEMENTILES collection includes square (20x20 cm) and hexagonal (20x23 cm) shaped tiles. Each tile is 14 mm thick and made entirely by hand using high-strength cement which is blended with coloured oxides. The tiles, available in 29 colours and in a vast range of multi-coloured decorations, are suitable for internal floors and walls and commercial spaces with medium foot traffic.

Fabio Novembre's incredible Bisazza mosaic interior design


Fabio Novembre's incredible Bisazza mosaic interior design

Designer Fabio Novembre has created inspiring architectural works for many world famous brands, not least Bisazza.

An example of his style is this retail design, which perfectly demonstrates his view of mosaic as a tactile and sensual skin for interior surfaces.

Sculpted, mosaic-clad feature walls twist and contort through the space, contrasted on the floor with a bold, two dimensional pattern. The flowing energy in the room is perpetuated by the pulsating bands of light and dark colour, creating a completely immersive environment.

Novembre's design truly unlocks the potential of mosaic as a medium for breathtaking interiors.

Pool Mosaics 2018


Onde Blu Pool Mosaic


Brand new for 2018, an entire chapter of the Bisazza mosaic collection is dedicated entirely to pools.

From beautiful floral designs to contemporary abstracts, the new Pools range of mosaics showcases designer creations as well as harmonious blends of colour and texture.

One of the brand new inclusions for this year's collection is the breathtaking Onde 20 Blu (pictured), from an original design by Emilio Pucci. You'll find this and all of the Pools Collection under the MOSAIC menu, above.

An inspiring collection of luxurious pool mosaics awaits you...

Pyramid Blu from the Bisazza 2018 Collection


Breathtaking new Mosaics, Wood, Ceramics and Cementiles designs feature in this year's collection.

New mosaics include the beautiful Pyramid Blu, designed by Marcel Wanders (pictured). There are also two entire new chapters to the mosaic collection, for pools and for floors.

Additional highlights include brand new designs for the innovative Cementiles flooring collection by David Rockwell, founder of Rockwell Group Architects in New York.

More designers, more ranges, more colours and more inspiration await you...

Spectacular Bisazza pool mosaic at a private spa

A Flamboyant Touch of Gold

The breathtaking interior of this private home's Wellness Area is enhanced with glittering gold mosaic in the pool.

Bringing a sense of purity and lightness, a clean white mosaic tile from the Vetricolor range (VTC 10.10) lines the pool from edge to edge.

Placed in a scattered pattern effect, Bisazza gold mosaic creates a glittering, ostentatious touch of luxury. The gold mosaic (ORO B 10.2) is also use to provide some exquisite detailing on the underwater steps.

Every ORO B mosaic piece is created using traditionally crafted 24K gold leaf which gives the tiles their spectacular shimmer and sparkle.

Spectacular Bisazza pool mosaic at a private spa
Placed in a scattered pattern effect, Bisazza gold mosaic creates a glittering, ostentatious touch of luxury.
Spectacular Bisazza pool mosaic at a private spa
The breathtaking interior of this private home's Wellness Area is enhanced with gold mosaic in the pool.

The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale

9 Million Iridescent Tiles

Nine million Bisazza mosaic tiles decorate the dome and foyer of La Seine Musicale auditorium recently opened in Paris, designed by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines.

Inspired by the wings of Japanese beetles, the BISAZZA mosaic, produced specifically for the new cultural centre, has an iridescent surface that changes from red to green depending on the angle of the light. Nearly 9 million tiles are spread over a surface area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters.

Located on Seguin Island in the western suburbs of Paris, the striking 4,000 seat, multi-purpose hall is surrounded by an enormous, triangular solar panel ‘sail’ that follows the path of the sun, providing renewable power to the complex.


The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale
The Entrance Lobby at La Seine Musicale. Photo: Vincent Fournier


The Bisazza Iridescent Mosaic Tiles In Detail
The Bisazza Iridescent Mosaic Tiles In Detail. Photo: Vincent Fournier


La Seine Musicale Entrance
La Seine Musicale Entrance. Photo: Vincent Fournier


The Dome of La Seine Musicale
The Dome of La Seine Musicale. Photo: Vincent Fournier


SYDNEY: A Deeper Blend

A departure from traditional, light-coloured pool mosaic, Sydney’s deeper hues impart a real aura of exclusivity.

Four mosaic tile colours from three Bisazza ranges together create a mesmerising concoction of pattern, texture and colour.

A truly beautiful pool mosaic, Sydney conveys a strong sense of depth and volume with its pulsating dark blues taken from the Vetricolor (VTC 20.59, VTC 20.64), Smalto (SM 06) and LeGemme (GM 20.59) ranges, and is ideally complemented by Fillgel Plus blu cobalto grout.

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Sydney - A Bisazza Pool Mosaic

Sydney Mosaic Blend