ORTENSIA, a decorative mosaic produced by an inspired partnership between Bisazza and Fornasetti, plays a starring role in the new swimming pool at L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux.

Enhanced by the rippling water and the pool’s sheer magnitude, the virtuosic Fornasetti flair is escalated by the brilliance of 600,000 perfect, glass mosaic tiles.

At the pool's centre, flower petals formed from 25 pastel shades of pink and blue glass, frame the mysterious face of Lina Cavalieri; a popular Belle Époque opera singer and the muse of Piero Fornasetti.

Around the fringe, the opulent L'ELBA mosaic blend in rippling shades of green seamlessly blends the pool with the adjacent garden.

Art, design and luxury find their ultimate expression at this sophisticated venue, nestled amongst the hills and vineyards of Franciacorta, in Northern Italy.

ORTENSIA is one of four luxurious, expressive, avant-garde decorations to come from the design partnership between Bisazza and Fornasetti, each interpreted using the digital mosaic technique.


BISAZZA Mosaic ORTENSIA decoration design Fornasetti POOL at Relais L'ALBERETA


Bisazza mosaic pool and spa by Laguna Pools
Design: Laguna Pools
Bisazza mosaic pool and spa by Laguna Pools
Design: Elite Pools & Landscapes

Two breathtaking landscape projects, both featuring Bisazza mosaic, have collected multiple awards in 2020, including Australia’s Pool of the Year.

Laguna Pools’ beautiful, curvaceous Balwyn North project swept up three gold awards from SPASA Victoria and also the national gold medal for Australian Pool of the Year.

The sweeping oval-shaped pool features Bisazza NEW GRIGIA shading mosaic blend. NEW GRIGIA utilises nine different tile colours to graduate from a deep, warm grey at the base to an almost-white at the top. The adjoining circular spa is completely covered with Bisazza GHIACCIO blend mosaic. GHIACCIO is a subtle mixture of luxurious white and light grey tiles.

Designed and built by Elite Pools and Landscapes, the project at Gawler East was awarded SPASA’s national Gold Medal in the lap pool category and also Concrete Pool Builder of the Year.

With sensitive and discerning selection, Elite Pools’ designers chose the Bisazza OSAKA mosaic blend - a warm, neutral blend with the faintest hint of purple, which perfectly complements the adjacent stone coloured period bungalow.

Reflecting the very highest standards in creativity and design, there is no doubt that both of these pools richly deserve their many gold awards.

Balwyn North Project: Laguna Pools, Photo: Urban Angles
Gawler East Project: Elite Pools and Landscapes, Photo: Longshot Images

Fornasetti Collection


SOLI A CAPRI GREY - Bisazza Mosaic Fornasetti Collection

A unique collaboration between Fornasetti and Bisazza.

Internationally renowned for its imaginative, ironic visual language, the Atelier Fornasetti's distinctive furniture and accessory designs form the inspiration for a new series of four Bisazza mosaic patterns.

This meeting of the minds between two Italian design masters takes apart and reassembles Fornasetti's "practical madness." Exploring new surfaces, lavish proportions and remarkable reflections of light, Fornasetti's unique magic is recreated and enhanced by the brilliance and transparency of glass mosaic in a blend of sixty shades of colour and texture.

The Bisazza mosaic decorations reproduce some of the most iconic Fornasetti images for the first time in such a large format. The Ortensia, Bocca, Serratura and Soli a Capri patterns make a spectacular statement in any living space, creating a sophisticated setting with bold personality.

The mouth, the hypnotic gaze seen through a keyhole, the enigmatic face of Piero Fornasetti’s muse, opera singer Lina Cavalieri and the sun are the stars of this collection. In the Ortensia pattern, Lina Cavalieri seems to peer meekly from an explosion of pink and blue petals. In Soli a Capri, a compilation of brilliant suns whimsically portrays the face of Piero Fornasetti, lighting up the background in shades of blue or grey.

The magic, humour, metaphors and sophistication of the Fornasetti compositions are perfectly portrayed in the new Bisazza décors - expressions of that amalgam of art, design and luxury, which has long distinguished the style and virtuosity of the two Italian brands.

View the whole FORNASETTI COLLECTION here.

"We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Fornasetti, a brand we have long admired and that, under the leadership of Barnaba Fornasetti, is a true ambassador of Italian excellence in the world.
I believe the collection we are launching in Milan reflects the aesthetic and cultural values that characterise our two brands – both established in the 1950s, one by a great creative talent like Piero Fornasetti, the other by an enlightened entrepreneur like my father, Renato."
Rossella Bisazza.

"In recent years, I have guided Fornasetti toward greater experimentation, exploring new areas, new surfaces, nudging the atelier to look outside the strict boundaries of design.
This initial partnership with Bisazza is a tangible sign of a desire and esteem that I have nurtured for many years. Shared conversations and contemplations led to the launch of a collection that is more than just the sum of our distinctive traits. Luminosity permeates the graphic hallmark and clean lines of the signature Fornasetti style. The designs delve deeper into innovative inflections of light."
Barnaba Fornasetti.

Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern


Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern

Bringing Art Deco into a contemporary context, Sydney-based designer Greg Natale has created this highly distinctive, luxurious interior, themed with soothing pink and grey hues. About the design, Greg comments: “I love the clean lines of art deco because they are elegant and don’t date.”

A highly personalised design for owners who are particularly fond of the Art Deco style, the pink and grey theme allowed Natale to revive a favourite 80's era palette, which works in unison with the soft curves of the interior details.

“When I was a teenager in the 80s, pink and grey was so hot. That gorgeous pairing made me yearn to become an interior designer,” adds Greg.

The bathroom was central to the design concept, providing the inspiration for the entire house. For this room, Natale covered the walls with his MOIRE ROSE mosaic pattern, a theme he developed for Bisazza's MODERN collection using sumptuously detailed LE GEMME, SMALTO and VETRICOLOR glass mosaic pieces.

“I love the drama of the bathroom,” comments Natale. “We took so many big design risks there... The result is so surprising and decadent.”

“I love pink and I’m using more of it,” he says. “Clients are looking for something softer than black and white. And it’s so on trend.”

Learn more about MOIRE from the Bisazza MODERN Collection.

Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern

Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern

Greg Natale MOIRE ROSE Bisazza mosaic pattern

Salone Del Mobile Visitors


Milan is the destination of the 12-day Australian International Design Tour this year. The highlight is the Salone Del Mobile - Europe's premier interior design expo, which attracts almost half a million visitors.

As a key sponsor of the Tour this year, Bisazza will be welcoming AIDT delegates to our headquarters in Vicenza, the inspiring Bisazza Foundation and also to our recently opened Showroom in the Brera design district of Milan. We'll be sharing our love of design and showing off our mastery of mosaic production.

Australian International Design Tour 2020 takes place between 20 and 30 April - more information is available at the website:

The Bisazza Foundation
Delegates will also have a chance to enjoy a visit to the Bisazza Foundation

Allessandro Mendini Exhibit at the Bisazza Foundation


Design. Architecture. Photography.

Text by Ian Phillips, with contributions by Jonas Tebib and Filippo Maggia. The first complete publication on the Bisazza Foundation Permanent Collection.

“If Lewis Carroll’s quintessential Victorian heroine Alice came to life, pressed fast-forward and found herself slipping down a 21st-century rabbit hole, she’d no doubt feel quite at home if it culminated at the Bisazza Foundation… sitting here in all their splendour she’d find a monumental multi-colored chair that stands 3.2 meters high, a shimmering silver chandelier covered with thousands of mosaic tesserae weighing some 850 kilos and a wonderfully wacky mosaic-clad car.” Ian Phillips.

Bisazza announces the release of the first monograph on the Bisazza Foundation, published by Rizzoli, with introduction by British journalist and author, Ian Phillips. The book leads readers through the Bisazza Foundation – a private, non-profit institution open to the public – whose more than 8,000-square-metre exhibit space hosts a wide-ranging Permanent Collection that bears witness to the Bisazza family’s passion for art.

Once a factory for glass mosaics, the space has been renovated and converted to twenty one rooms that host the many works and installations by internationally renowned architects and designers, like Aldo Cibic, Jaime Hayon, Arik Levy, Richard Meier, Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Ettore Sottsass, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders; artists Sandro Chia and Mimmo Paladino, and the Florentine Emilio Pucci fashion house.

The book concludes with the exhibit area “Architectural Photography”, which showcases the works of grand masters, like Berenice Abbott, Eugène Atget, Gabriele Basilico, Roland Fischer, Candida Höfer, Julius Shulman and Hiroshi Sugimoto, as well as the photo series by famous Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, commissioned by the Foundation. Jonas Tebib – Head of the Sotheby’s France Photography Department – and by Filippo Maggia, Art Curator specialising in photography, signed two texts reflecting on photography of the various authors.

“I believe the allure of this place lies in the spectacular oversizing of the works on display and to the vaguely fairy-tale atmosphere that surrounds them”. Rossella Bisazza, Vice President of the Bisazza Foundation.

The Bisazza Foundation is available from Amazon and other good quality retailers.

The Bisazza Foundation book, by Ian Phillips

Traditional. Contemporary. Mesmerising.

Made by hand using traditional techniques, yet with a chic, modern look, Bisazza CEMENTILES are a visual and tactile delight.

Without exception, every single cement tile is created from beginning to end by a Bisazza artisan, one piece at a time. This process creates small variations between each tile that makes every one unique, adding to their charm and elegance. It also ensures that each piece is of far higher quality than any mass-produced equivalent.

The tiles are produced upside-down and the process involves carefully layering two mixtures.

Mixture number one consists of high durability white cement wth marble dust and coloured oxides. This is hand-poured into a pattern mould and determines the design and colour of the Bisazza CEMENTILES.

Onto this layer, a mixture of cement and sand is poured to form the bottom layer. The tile is then locked into its shaped forme until completely dry (tiles are available in square and hexagonal formats).

The final stage is the hand-application of an impregnating water-repellant sealant.

The exceptional qualities of this traditional process have attracted some of the world's most innovative designers to contribute contemporary patterns to the range, including Paola Navone, Jaime Hayon, India Mahdavi, Tom Dixon, David Rockwell, Carlo Dal Bianco, Fernando and Humberto Campana.

Bisazza CEMENTILES make mesmerising coverings for both residential and commercial interior floors with moderate foot traffic and are also ideal for walls.

A Bisazza Technician Inspects A Cement Tile Mould

Layer Two Is Gently Applied to the Cement Tile

The Cement Tile Assembly Is Inserted Into The Dryer

The finished designer Cement Tiles

The Gardens of Versailles in Mosaic


Internationally renowned architect and designer Carlo Dal Bianco has produced a swathe of richly detailed, floral mosaic patterns, exclusively for Bisazza.

The French gardens of the early 19th century and artwork from the same period are celebrated in a collection of six new designs.

The warmth and detail of PENSÉE is inspired by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. TRIANON recaptures the style of French wallpapers from the period, whilst PETIT TRIANON reflects the delicate decor of a chateau close to the palace.  BOUGAINVILLIER is a simpler, bolder impression of the vivid French garden flower of the same name. HAMEAU captures the essence of country life at the queen’s former residence of Hameau de la Reine. Finally, rendered in incredibly realistic detail, is MALMAISON, a homage to the immaculate rose gardens at Versailles.

All of these patterns are rendered in premium 10mm mosaic by the skilful craftspeople of the Bisazza Atelier, selecting from a huge range of colours and textures to capture all of the detail of Dal Bianco’s designs.

See more of the Bisazza 2019 Floral Patterns here or email for more information.

BOUGAINVILLIER Floral Mosaic Pattern

HAMEAU Floral Mosaic Pattern

MALMAISON Floral Mosaic Pattern

Bisazza Mosaic Pebbles


The Pebbles collection is a new limited edition line of coffee tables, designed by Marcel Wanders to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the partnership between Bisazza and the Dutch designer.

The collection perfectly blends Wanders’ unmistakably vibrant style with Dutch decorative tradition, creating an elaborate interplay of textures and brilliantly coloured floral decorations.

The master mosaicists of the Bisazza Atelier make each piece entirely by hand, combining the glass mosaic tesserae and gold tiles in the ancient Opus Tessellatum style.

Marcel Wanders comments:
“When thinking about our 15-year friendship and collaboration with Bisazza, the word that comes to mind is ‘surprising’. Bisazza’s affinity for beauty with just the right amount of innovation is in perfect alignment with our goal of uplifting the human spirit and bringing the human touch back to design. Together, we make the world less boring.”

See more of this exquisite, limited edition here or email for more information.

Bisazza Mosaic Pebbles
Bisazza Mosaic Pebbles
Bisazza Mosaic Pebbles
Bisazza Mosaic Pebbles

AMELIE BLUE Swimming Pool Mosaic Pattern


Rendered in sumptuous Bisazza mosaic, to a design by the iconic fashion house, this is the AMELIE BLUE swimming pool mosaic pattern.

Celebrating the vivid prints that made Emilio Pucci famous, the design clearly demonstrates the designer's unique sense for bold abstracts and colour harmonies.

The AMELIE BLUE pool design is handmade from a range of 10mm tiles from the SMALTO and VETRICOLOR ranges and continues the long and successful collaboration between Bisazza and Pucci.

For further information, contact Bisazza Australia Customer Service: 02 9838 9233 or

See more Bisazza pool mosaics here.

AMELIE BLUE Swimming Pool Mosaic Pattern