The Ultimate Glass Mosaic

The essence of Bisazza lies in the fusion of creativity and absolute luxury that culminates in the most beautiful glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.

It has been this way since 1956 when Bisazza first began producing mosaic tiles in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy. There is no more inspiring location, set halfway between Venice and lake Garda, and the company’s headquarters remains in this iconic setting today.

In the beginning, Bisazza quickly became a trailblazer in glass mosaic, set apart by the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit, love of design and mastery of evolving technologies.

Bisazza’s passion for producing the ultimate mosaic is confirmed by our collaboration with the world’s leading figures in architecture, design, art and fashion. People who share Bisazza’s vision include: Tord Boontje, Aldo Cibic, Sandro Chia, Carlo Del Bianco, Romeo Gigli, Michael Graves, Jaime Hayon, Alessandro Mendini, Paola Navone, Nendo, Fabio Novembre, Fabrizio Plessi, Andree Putman, Ettore Sottass, Studio Job, Patricia Urquiola, Edward Van Vliet and Marcel Wanders.

Since 2005, Bisazza has been an integral part of Fondazione Altagamma. Alongside stable-mates such as Gucci, Ferrari and Versace, the association advocates leading Italian businesses and their underlying culture, to the rest of the world. It is a celebration of Italian ‘finezza.’

During the past few years, Piero Bisazza, the company’s CEO, has focused on bringing uniquely beautiful Bisazza mosaic tiles to a global audience. Now, people are able to appreciate and enjoy Bisazza glass mosaic from Milan to Miami and from Stockholm to Sydney.

As a celebration of everything Bisazza represents, the company created the Fondazione Bisazza in June 2012. This is a cultural space, dedicated to contemporary design and architecture. In addition to mosaic works and installations created by internationally celebrated designers for Bisazza, the Fondazione halls also host a series of temporary exhibitions from renowned institutions around the world.

Today, Bisazza’s mosaic collections span a huge array of applications – wherever beautiful design can touch people’s everyday lives.

Bisazza glass mosaic is enjoyed in the homes of private clients, in hotels and large architectural schemes. The mosaic designs are applied to pools, bathrooms, lobbies, living areas and public spaces.