Art House design featuring Frozen Garden

This luxurious Art House ensuite shower contrasts the simple relief forms of FROZEN GARDEN ceramics with beautifully detailed mosaic.

Intended to produce a dark and masculine feel for this unique residence, the ensuite space has become a focal feature of the overall design. The relief forms of Bisazza FROZEN GARDEN white ceramic tiles are cleverly accentuated by dramatic lighting.

The project’s multi-award-winning designer Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace, wanted to create an amazing entrance experience and chose dimmable rebated spotlights to show off the beautiful three-dimensional pattern.

On the opposing walls, the design features a multi-coloured mix of Bisazza mosaic of varying sizes, the colouring of the tesserae creating a seductive warmth. The tiles themselves were selected from the LE GEMME range for their luxurious richness of detail.

Mark comments:

“The Master Ensuite of the Art House is a unique and glamorous luxury experience that will stand the test of time. It was created by mixing stone, glamorous and exotic tile and wall finishes, uniquely responsive shapes, quality fixtures and fittings, unique lighting and creative design.”


Frozen Garden Ceramics and LeGemme Mosaic

LeGemme Mosaic at the Art- House