A humble bathroom in a Melbourne terraced house has been utterly transformed by local architects Winwood McKenzie as part of a whole-house renovation concept.

The room was conceived as a work of art in itself. The feature floor is from the Bisazza CEMENTILES Collection – a design by India Mahdavi renowned as the ‘queen of colour.’ Mahdavi’s BUTTERFLY 8 design is the perfect complement to the curving shapes and calming colours throughout the room. Asked about her love of colour, Mahdavi comments, “It’s the best way to bring sunshine into a space.”

Architect Thomas McKenzie says about the design, “The new spaces possess a strong personality and sense of individuality. The density of ideas creates an architecture that is layered, referential and detailed in conception and realisation. The engaging peacefulness of the house is enriched yet remains undisturbed.”

The renovation is a perfect demonstration of how one simple bathroom can become so much more with beautiful design.

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Butterfly 8 Bisazza Cementiles in Winwood McKenzie's Melbourne House Interior