2017 Preview: ALBERT by Ferruccio Laviani

Bisazza’s first partnership with designer Ferruccio Laviani has produced some astonishing contemporary mosaic collections.

ALBERT (pictured) along with GEORGE, WILLIAM and PHILIP are beautifully rendered, timeless designs inspired by Scottish tartan, which represent the warp and weft of woven fabric.

“The weave of a fabric is much like the grid of a mosaic, which is why I used it as the basis for what would become the collection. I broke up the structural lines of the design and reinterpreted them with mosaic tiles in order to create a textured pattern that would maintain the same vibe as the material itself…” Ferruccio Laviani.

ALBERT and Laviani’s other designs will be available in the Bisazza 2017 Collection.

All the new Collections will be on display soon at the Bisazza Australia website.