Spectacular Living Room Mosaic

With collections by world famous interior designers and a huge array of colours and blends, Bisazza living room mosaic will take your breath away.

Bricks 2x5 Living Room Mosaic


For more than half a century, Bisazza has been creating the world’s finest living room mosaic.

Richness of colour, depth and detail. These are the mesmerising qualities you will find in every tiny piece of Bisazza mosaic. Complex, but perfectly balanced and blended hues, tones and textures.

To achieve such beauty, every piece of living room mosaic is manufactured with fastidious attention to detail, employing prime ingredients: oxides to bring depth to the colour and the finest silica sand to create the glass.

This captivating quality is clearly present in all Bisazza collections: Colours, Blends, Shading Blends and Decorations, with an unbelievable choice of colours and patterns.

Our decoration collections, which bring a genuinely magical quality to living room mosaic, include beautiful imaginings by the world’s most renowned designers.

From creations by Jaime Hayon and Marcel Wanders to Paola Navone and Patricia Guild, Bisazza offers the opportunity to enjoy something truly special in living room mosaic.

Choose from timeless classics, cool, modern abstracts, captivating florals or decandently luxurious designs.

Amelie Green Living Room Mosaic

For a touch of unabashed luxury, Bisazza living room mosaic includes collections of gold and white-gold tiles. Manufactured using handmade Italian gold leaf, gold mosaic adds yet another luxurious dimension to interior design decorations and concepts.

If you need some advice while viewing our beautiful collections, why not contact us – we will be very happy to help you.

With beautiful decorative designs and sensational colour and detail, Bisazza living room mosaic is a pleasure enjoyed by the most discerning.