Image Requests

Pucci Glass Mosaic


We are delighted that so many people have shown an interest in using Bisazza high resolution images to promote our brand.

To ensure that you are protected at all times from the incorrect use of Bisazza images, avoiding copyright claims from photographers and image libraries, we have included on this page the procedures you need to follow each time you wish to use a Bisazza image.

Request photographic materials for advertising in magazines or periodicals:

Download Form

Request photographic materials for brochures/catalogues and large format printing (advertising billboards, posters, backlit panels):

Download Form

Request photographic materials for large format printing:

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Request trade mark licence agreement:

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Requests must be in writing using the appropriate request form.

Scan the form and email a PDF to Post the original to: Customer service, Bisazza Australia Pty Ltd, Unit 8, 32 Artisan Rd, Seven Hills, NSW 2147.

  1. Your request will be reviewed to ensure all required information has been submitted, then it will be forwarded to Bisazza Headquarters in Italy.
  2. After reviewing your request, the team at headquarters will inform Bisazza Australia whether the image use is approved or not.
  3. If approved, the images will be emailed to Bisazza Australia. We will then send them to you.
  4. If the requested images cannot be released, the marketing team at headquarters will propose alternative images for your selection.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.