Beautifully Strong

PVA Hotmelt System
Bisazza Australian Pools Mosaic Cartella


Our Australian climate can present challenges for pool builders. For the first time, Bisazza has developed an innovative support system for mosaic sheets that ensures tile adhesion exceeds the requirements of the latest Australian standards.

As part of an ongoing programme of technical innovation, Bisazza have developed a revolutionary hotmelt system for mosaic, exclusively available for the Australia and new Zealand Pools Collection.


The new PU hot melt system for mosaic sheets radically raises adhesion quality by allowing a far greater surface area for gluing. The system places Bisazza pool mosaics above the Australian Standards requirement and also makes it easier to install.

In addition, the new hot melt system also makes the alignment of the tiles very even and allows for deep and uniform penetration of the grout, which all makes for a far more professional finish.

The new system has been certified by CSIRO under the following standards specifications:

AS ISO 13007.2.2013. Tile adhesion strength.

AS 3958.1.2007 PART 1. Tile adhesive coverage.

For technical enquiries about the new hotmeltmounting system, please email Bisazza: